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Heroes: Tempest Trials+ has begun! Pick up young Minerva, Sturdy Stance and Spd Tactic Seals!

Today’s Heroes update gives us a new Tempest Trials+ event, where we can earn two copies of Minerva: Princess-Knight, along with Sturdy Stance and Spd Tactic Seals!


Minirva’s a flying axe, and her statspread at 5-stars level 40 is 40 HP, 36 Atk, 37 Spd, 35 Def, 19 Res.

Her base kit includes:

  • Dragoon Axe, 16mt – Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). At start of combat, if foe’s HP = 100%, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 during combat and inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 on foe per attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.),
  • Draconic Aura,
  • A: Dragoon Shield – Neutralises “effective against flying” bonuses. Grants Atk/Spd/Def+3,
  • B: Flier Formation 3.

With her weapon, unique A-skill, and one merge, her stats will be 42 HP, 55 Atk, 41 Spd, 40 Def, 19 Res. You can also throw in 5 Dragonflowers and add +1 to each stat.


Heroes: “Iote’s Return” Tempest Trials Details & Summoning Event

Following the arrival of the special youngsters in Fire Emblem Heroes, there will be a new Tempest Trials+ event “Iote’s Return”.

“Iote’s Return” runs from 21st April to the daily rollover on 1st May 2020 (UTC).

In this event, you can nab Minerva: Princess-Knight as a 4 and 5-star Hero. To learn about her skills, please continue to the end of this article.

Other notable rewards include Divine Code (Ephemera 4) x 50 plus the Sturdy Stance 1 and Spd Tactic 1 (finally!) Sacred Seals.

The Heroes that boost your score include the young versions of Marth, Caeda, Merric, Palla (and her two sisters), Minerva, as well as the regular versions of Marth, Caeda and Minerva.

The first four Heroes can be summoned in the upcoming Special Heroes banner, while young Minerva can be acquired by participating in the event.

If you need a helping hand, there’s currently a summoning event featuring regular Marth, Caeda and Minerva. This will be available until the end of the Tempest Trials+ event.

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Heroes: 30th Anniversary Banner on April 20 brings young stars aplenty

Fire Emblem’s 30th anniversary is just days away, and thanks to the most recent FEH Channel, we all knew it was coming, and I for one, am glad to see that big things come in small packages. It’s time, folks, for Fire Emblem Heroes’ The Start of It All banner trailer!

This will feature a handful of cutie patootie young’ins, in the forms of Marth, Caeda, Merric, and all three Whitewing sisters as one single Duo hero! Looks like Intelligent Systems had trouble counting there…

We also have the next Tempest Trials+ reward unit in the form of Minerva, who has a PRF weapon of her own. To make people more excited, Marth: Legacied Hero, is going to be part of the 4* pool, making him that much easier to snag! Furthermore, some new inheritable skills hit the fray, in the forms of a new Oath and a dual Chill skill. Some other ridiculously effective non-inheritable skills have appeared, so it will be interesting how this shapes some things coming forward.

This event kicks off on April 20 and runs for 1 month, until May 20. Looks like this will be a fun 30th anniversary! Good luck, Summoners!

For details on unit skills and more, click Read More.

For the Japanese banner trailer, click here.

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FE:W See the Shadow Dragon Characters in Action!

I’ve done recorded videos, showing off the Shadow Dragon characters. While Navarre and Minerva share movesets with Lyn and Camilla respectively, they do have unique specials, animations, and of course voiced lines and statlines.

For starters, Linde is very much her own beast, serving as a bit of a faster mage than Robin with huge Magic & Luck. Luck has been established as one of if not the best stats in the entire game thanks to the skills of Luna and Lethality. (I’ve even shown the effectiveness of this) Linde also has huge range and relentless attacks that don’t leave her nearly as open to attack as Robin can in some of his.

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