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Fire Emblem Heroes Trailer Info + Analysis

VincentASM did a fantastic job covering the finer details of Fire Emblem Echoes -Shadows of Valentia-, but that wasn’t the only big reveal during today’s Fire Emblem Direct. We were also finally given an incredible amount of information regarding the first official Fire Emblem app for smart devices, Fire Emblem Heroes.

Heroes is slated to be available worldwide as of February 2, 2017. While the Direct stated that the app would initially be released on the Google Play store only, with the iOS version soon to follow, they quickly tweeted out an update, letting fans know that the game will be available on both platforms on February 2.

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Fire Emblem Coming to Mobile

Today, Nintendo announced two new mobile apps releasing this Fall–one of which would be based on the Fire Emblem series.


According to Nintendo of Europe, the Fire Emblem app will be designed to be more accessible compared to previous games, but still retain the key values of a strategy RPG game, with prominent gameplay.

Other than that, few details are currently known about the app. Still, with Fire Emblem achieving great sales all round and its popularity reaching new heights, this is a very interesting time to be a fan of the series!

If you have thoughts about Fire Emblem’s mobile debut, do let us know in the comments or on our forums.