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Heroes: Feh Channel, Choose Your Legends 8 Edition

A new Feh Channel is now available, sharing the results of the recent Choose Your Legends Round 8, anniversary events and more.

First, the news you’ve probably been waiting for… Here are the winners of Choose Your Legends 8.

Alfonse (Heroes) wins 1st place in the mens’ division, while Bernadetta (Three Houses) scoops 1st place in the womens’ division. The second place winners are Felix (Three Houses) and female Robin (Awakening).

Nevermind an Engage sweep, nobody from Engage entered the top 4. However, it was very close with Diamant and Yunaka in 3rd place for the mens’ and womens’ respectively, plus several characters in the top 20. Maybe next year, Engage fans, unless they suddenly release a new game before then.

The full results will be shared via the Choose Your Legends 8 website around 31st January. In the meantime, the official Twitter account lists the top 20 winners and the winners by game title.

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Double Mythic Heroes with Fomortiis and Gotoh

The next Mythic Heroes banner in Fire Emblem Heroes is a double whammy, featuring the Demon King Fomortiis from The Sacred Stones and Gotoh, the White Sage, from Mystery of the Emblem.

(Japanese trailer here.)

Fomortiis and Gotoh’s Double Mythic Heroes banner will run between 27th January and 10th February 2023.

Also featured are:

  • Red: Reginn, Rearmed Lif and Legendary Veronica
  • Blue: Legendary Dimitri, Ullr and Monica
  • Green: Legendary Edelgard, Freyja and Ascended Hilda
  • Colorless: Arval

Heroes: Legendary Veronica & Mythic Embla Coming Soon!

It shouldn’t be a surprise seeing how Book VI ended (and with the recent announcement of her scale figure), but the Book VI version of Veronica will be appearing at a summoning event near you soon, as a Legendary Hero no less!

In addition, she’ll be joined by her patron deity, Embla herself.

(You can view the Japanese trailer here.)

Veronica and Embla’s Legendary and Mythic Hero banner begins from 30th November 2022.

Joining them are:

  • Red: Legendary Nanna
  • Blue: Seiros, Legendary Caeda and Legendary Deirdre
  • Green: Hel, Dagr and Ymir
  • Colorless: Bramimond, Legendary Micaiah and Ascended Celica

Also, if you missed it (or want to see it again), the FE Heroes team shared the Book VI ending, featuring Veronica and Sharena earlier.

Heroes: Mythic Arval Coming Soon!

After two back-to-back Legendary Heroes, Summoners are probably ready for a new Mythic Hero. Behold Arval, from FE Warriors Three Hopes!

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

Following the arrival of Heroes from Three Hopes back in September, Arval’s inclusion was practically a given, considering they’re positioned as Sothis’s counterpart.

Arval’s Mythic Hero banner will be live from 31st October 2022, until the daily rollover on 14th November 2022 (UTC).

Also appearing are the following:

  • Red: Líf, Mirabilis and Plumeria
  • Blue: Legendary Chrom, Sain and Valentian Est
  • Green: Ótr, Eitri and Letizia
  • Colorless: Elimine and Askr

Please continue for a breakdown of Arval’s abilities!

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