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Heroes: Mythic Hero Julia Enters the Fray

If you read the sneak peek leak of the upcoming Mythic Hero (thanks, Intern-kun), well, she’s been confirmed, in the trailer drop just hours ago, for Julia: Crusader of Light.

Japanese Trailer

Her trailer indicates that she’ll be available from August 28 until September 4.

She’ll be a Blue Tome Infantry, with the Pair Up perk, and a whole set of announced skills. What’s most exciting about this, is that Julia is one of the only alts from the Judgral era, and specifically, the first alt from Genealogy of the Holy War. What’s more, is that her Earth blessing grants the Duel bonus, allowing score in the 180 BST threshold. That’s pretty big for arena-goers, having a power mage + dragonslayer that scores up in the tops of tiers.

For details on her skills and today’s new Special Quests, click Read More.

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Heroes: Mythic Hero Sothis, Incoming July 31 – Aug 6. Brings Male Byleth Into Summoning Pool

If you’ve paid any attention at all to Fire Emblem Three Houses, you’ll likely be aware of the eponymous girl on the throne that appeared in many trailers, as well as in the game itself. Forgive the spoilers, but that girl just so happens to be Sothis: Girl on the Throne, aka the next Mythic Hero joining the fray.

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

Sothis comes in as a red Resistance-blessed Dark Mythic Hero, and with her, an interesting batch of new skills. Given how [F]Byleth’s Ruptured Sky special was inheritable, it’s entirely possible that her new special, Sirius, is inheritable as well. This pairs nicely with what appears to be a very speedy build, as it scales damage off of speed, and has a lightning fast cooldown of 2.

Sothis of course brings friends with her, as this is a Mythic Hero Banner, and includes its standard 8% limited summoning condition on all included. The batch this time features:

  • Blue
    • Azura (Legendary)
    • Fjorm
    • Ryoma (Hot Springs)
  • Colorless
    • Alm (Legendary)
    • Caineghis
    • Eir
  • Green
    • Lyn (Legendary)
    • Greil
    • Hector (Legendary)
  • Red
    • Marth (Legendary)
    • [Male] Byleth

Finally, Sothis drops on July 31 (the day after tomorrow) and runs for one week, until August 6. Good luck, Summoners!

For more details on Sothis’ skills, click Read More.

Edit – Listed Sothis as a Defense-boosting Anima hero. She is a Resistance-boosting Dark bless hero.

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Heroes: “Marital Bonds” Voting Gauntlet Coming Soon + Summoning Focus & “Discover Naga” Video

As mentioned in the Deep Bonds event, a new Voting Gauntlet will be arriving in Fire Emblem Heroes starting from 3rd June 2019. Marital Bonds will see four pairs of lovey-dovey couples fighting for the crown.

The starting brackets are Pent vs Sigurd, Bartre vs Quan, Louise vs Deirdre and Karla vs Ethlyn. For the first two rounds, the guys will be competing between themselves and same with the ladies. However, during the third round, it’s possible for a couple to fight among themselves. Hopefully this doesn’t rock their marriage…

For your convenience, there’s currently a Summoning Focus with four of the Heroes from the Voting Gauntlet: Karla, Quan, Sigurd and Deirdre. All are powerful Heroes in their own right, so if you’re still missing any (or want merges), now’s your chance!

Otherwise, Louise is currently a reward from the on-going Tempest Trials, although you don’t have long left. Ethlyn can be summoned via Heroic Grails. Pent can be found in the Bridal Belonging banner. Finally, you must have a Bartre or maybe twenty lying around.

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Heroes: Mythic Hero Naga Coming Soon

Fans all over the internet have spotted clues on the Fire Emblem Heroes official site, regarding the potential of Mythic Hero Naga. Those fans were right, as her Mythic Banner was just revealed. Slated to run from May 30 until June 6, Summoners have the chance to score Naga, and boy howdy is she a powerful unit, stacked to deal with Aether Raid offense!

Naga joins the fray as Blue Dragon unit, with the Astra Defensive Blessing. A Dragon team will love her, as will Naga and Falchion users, but her unique C adjacency buff results in her buffing herself as well as giving nearby units a neat temporary dragonslaying ability. Super cool!

Her Banner features the 8% exclusive summoning rate on 11 other heroes, including:

  • Red
    • Eirika (Legendary)
    • Gunnthra (New Year’s)
    • Hrid
  • Blue
    • Tiki (Legendary)
    • Hector (Legendary)
  • Green
    • Lugh
    • Lyn (Legendary)
    • Fjorm (New Year’s)
  • Colorless
    • Duma
    • Laevateinn (New Year’s)
    • Velouria

Good luck on your summoning session, fellow Summoners!

For more details on her skills, click Read More.

For her full artwork, check out Dengeki.

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