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Three Houses: Confirmed Students for “Cindered Shadows” & New Official Artwork!

The Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account shared a few tidbits about the upcoming Cindered Shadows DLC story for Three Houses.

Firstly, as we learned earlier, players will be provided with fixed party members during this side story. The members will include the protagonist, the three House leaders, the four members of the Ashen Wolves, plus three other students: Linhardt, Ashe and Hilda.

To celebrate the occasion, the Twitter account also shared the official artwork for the three returning students, by the game’s artist Chinatsu Kurahana. This artwork has never been seen before! Kind of.

If you’re observant, you may have spotted Hilda’s official artwork during the Byleth reveal for Smash Ultimate. More precisely, it could be seen in the new spirit board, alongside new artwork for Dorothea, Ingrid, Seteth and Rhea. Huh, who else might have new artwork…?

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim & Eirika, New Artwork, & Flier Retweet Promotion!

A new battle event is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can challenge Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim & Eirika in the Special Maps menu. There’s also a new, matching banner wherein you can summon 5★ versions of Ephraim, Eirika, and Seth.

You can fight the Bound Hero Battle in up to three different difficulties and earn up to nine Orbs! Like previous iterations, all of your allies must survive the map in order to win. Both the BHB and its associated banner will be available until 13 September.

Additionally, we now have new Heroes artwork for Nephenee and the Black Knight! As of a few hours ago, you can fight both characters in the Quick Hero Battle mini-game.

There has been no official word on how we’ll see them in the game, but it will likely be soon. The most popular current theory is that they will appear in the upcoming Tempest Trials later this month. The title of the Trial, “Moment of Fate” is the same as the chapter title when Ike confronts the Black Knight in Path of Radiance.

Finally, @FE_Heroes_JP has started a new Flier-based Retweet promotion!

All Heroes players are encouraged to retweet the individual tweet images for either Est, Catria, Palla, or Narcian. The character with the most retweets by 11 September will be given out at a 4★ hero for all players! So either retweet your favourite character, or whichever one you’d most like to have in-game.