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Heroes: Preview Trailer for New Heroes: Zofia’s Call, BHB Rerun, & Quiz Rewards!

Five new heroes from Valentia will soon be arriving in Fire Emblem Heroes! Check them out below in the Preview Trailer for New Heroes: Zofia’s Call.

The four focus 5★ characters are Forsyth, Python, Silque, and Catria. As you probably expect, this version of Catria is based on her appearance in Fire Emblem Echoes. Additionally, Valbar makes a surprise appearance at the very end, our latest 3★/4★ addition!

You’ll be able to see these new heroes in action in the upcoming Main Story chapter, Lethal Swordsman. This story continues where we left off, as the Order of Heroes desperately fights again Líf. We’ll also be getting a new Log-In Bonus and Forging Bonds at the same time.

Hit the “Read More” button below for a text breakdown of our heroes’ skills. Everything will go live next Monday, 21 October.

Additionally, if you need more Orbs to summon for these new characters, today’s Heroes update can help you out! Bound Hero Battle Revival Bartre & Fir is now live! Complete the maps themselves for Orbs, if you haven’t yet, and the new quests will also give you an additional five Orbs. Check out details in game.

Furthermore, Feh has handed out rewards for her recent Quiz Event! Log into the game to collect your reward of 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers. Good job answering quiz questions, everyone!

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Heroes: New trailer: more Three Houses cast to join Heroes!

Earlier today a new reveal trailer was posted to the official Nintendo Mobile YouTube account, showing us the next four Heroes from Three Houses to join the fray within this new banner, titled “Changing Winds.

You can watch the Japanese trailer here.

Hilda, Hubert, Mercedes, and Petra will be summonable from the 7th of August, 7:00am UTC.

You can click on “Read more” below to view screenshots from the video for skill information of each of these new units, as well as more of today’s Heroes news.

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Heroes: New Heroes: From a Future Past + Weekly Revival Banners Begin!

Five brand new characters will soon be making their way to Fire Emblem Heroes! Check out the latest New Heroes: From a Future Past preview trailer below. The trailer gives the first glimpse at four Awakening children units: Yarne, Kjelle, Brady, and Nah. Click the “Read More” button below for a look at their new skills.

A fifth new unit, Cynthia, will also be available as a Grand Hero Battle soon. You’ll be able to see all of these heroes in action in the latest main story chapter: Truth of a Name. The four gacha units will also be featured in a new Forging Bonds event, too, titled Spanning Time.

The New Heroes: From a Future Past banner and its associated story chapters and Forging Bonds will also go live Tuesday, 11 June. Cynthia’s GHB starts two days later on the 13th.

Additionally, the Weekly Revival banners are beginning today! Today’s banner contains 5★ Focus units for Deirdre, Linde, and Young Tiki.

As revealed in the recent Feh Channel, we’ll be getting a new Revival banner each week! Revival banners feature older 5★ characters, and they’ll also appear at a raised 4% rate, making them more likely to pull than other 5★ characters of the same colour. You can see the full schedule for these banners in-game.

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Heroes: Out of Gallia Banner & Forging Bonds!

Four new allies are leaping their way into Fire Emblem Heroes today! Try your luck on the Out of Gallia banner for a shot at Mordecai, Lethe, Ranulf, and Caineghis. You can check out our earlier article for their preview trailer and a look at their skills.

Additionally, you can see these heroes in action in the latest Main Story chapter, “Realm of the Dead“. Follow along with Alfonse and the Order of Heroes as they make their way deeper into Hel’s domain. Complete all three chapters and their associated Lunatic quests to earn 20 Orbs!

If you’d like to see even more of our newest heroes, you’re in luck; Forging Bonds: A Trust Earned also starts today!

Our four Gallian Laguz have formally decided to align themselves with the Order of Heroes. Play through maps and gather Friendship to earn Accessories, First Summon Tickets, and more! Don’t forget, you’ll also earn 2 Orbs the first time you complete a map for seven days of the event.

Finally, two new Orb Promos are also available starting today! The usual monthly bonus contains 21 Orbs and 6,000 Hero Feathers. There’s also a special Spring bonus with 30 Orbs and 20,000 Hero Feathers. Each pack is limited to one per player.

The Out of Gallia and banner and its associated Realm of the Dead quests will be around for some time, ending on 27 April. Forging Bonds will last its usual two weeks, ending on 24 April. Good luck summoning some new heroes for your teams!