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Thracia 776: Novel by Takashi Umemura Fully Translated!

In the past, there have been a fair number of Fire Emblem manga translations, but next to no translations of the myriad novelisations. Of course, there’s a lot more text in the novels, so it’s hardly surprising.

Recently, four-loose-screws aka “Literal Fire Emblem” (but not actually literal, don’t worry) on tumblr has finished their translation of the Thracia 776 novel by Takashi Umemura. As far as I know, this is one of two novels based on the game.

You can read the translation over on their blog. Altogether there are 12 chapters (excluding the Prologue and Epilogue) split between two books. You can read the translation in its entirety via the Google Drive link near the top or in parts via the multiple tumblr links.

Now that this particular translation is over, four-loose-screws is asking fans to vote for the next Fire Emblem novel to be translated. Hmm, choices, choices…