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Three Houses: Famitsu 5th Article Follow Up (Better Screenshots, Library Texts)

Famitsu has posted the online version of their 5th article for Three Houses. The information there is exactly the same, but there are better (and slightly more) screenshots. If you haven’t read it already, we suggest checking out our earlier article for the full details.

Here’s a better look at three of the Demonic Beasts you may encounter in the game. They’re known as the Giant Wolf, Giant Bird and, breaking the mold, the King of Beasts. We’ve also seen a Giant Worm/Bug and the Black Beast.

Speaking of, here’s the Black Beast in all its glory. This map seems to be from the same map we saw towards the end of the Nintendo Direct trailer. Thanks to recent info, we can assume this map is the end-of-month mission for the 8th month, the Gautier Inheritance.

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Three Houses: Famitsu 5th Article (Demonic Beasts, Monastery Loose Ends)

It’s now 11th July in Japan, which means the next issue of Famitsu is now available to purchase digitally. Thanks to Nintendo Everything, we have the images from the Three Houses feature from the latest issue. This time, there isn’t a lot of new info, but we’ll take what we can get!

The first double page spread, where the preview image is from, is dedicated to the “Demonic Beasts”. These are monstrous enemies far stronger than humans. Not only are they powerful, they occupy multiple tiles and have multiple HP bars. The ones shown include the Black Beast, Giant Bird, Giant Wolf and King of Beasts. All four appeared in prior footage.

As you may have noticed, there are yellow tiles underneath the Demonic Beasts. These are barriers that provide defensive boosts for the beast, making them harder to defeat. If you can deal enough damage, by using weapons or Combat Arts effective against monsters or Gambits, you can break the barriers.

Doing so will cause them to be confused, temporarily preventing them from counter-attacking. After a while, broken barriers will automatically be restored. If you can break all the barriers at once, you’ll inflict “armour break”, which prevents the beast from moving for a while, while also rewarding you with valuable item(s).

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Three Houses: Official Site Update (Exploring the Monastery)

Today, the Japanese official website for Three Houses received another update, this time covering the activities you can do while exploring the monastery during weekends.

Most of the details were already covered by Famitsu, especially the articles released on 29th May and 19th June. That said, there are a few cool tidbits. I’ll also recap most of the key information, just in case.

As you may know, during weekends, one of the things you can do is explore the Garreg Mach Monastery, through a third person perspective. The monastery is equipped with various facilities that you can make use of, to enrich your time at the Officer’s Academy. You can use these facilities to improve your abilities and deepen your bonds with your students.

Making Use of Facilities

The monastery where the students all reside features many different facilities. Depending on the facility, you can do different things, like getting to know the students and monastery occupants better or obtaining items, etc.

Here’s a quick look at some of the notable facilities:

Dining Hall

Share a meal together or work together to prepare your own food. If the characters like the food, their Motivation will really go up.

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Three Houses: 4th Famitsu Article (Nightcrawlers, Tea Parties and Offerings for Saints)

E3 might have come and gone, but Three Houses news continues to flow! Today, the latest issue of Famitsu was released, with a new 8-page article discussing the time skip, new villains, more activities and gameplay elements.

Firstly, the time skip information is basically the stuff we know from E3. The first half of the game focuses on the academy, then the second half focuses on a huge war involving the 3 nations, 5 years later. At this point in time, the 3 house leaders lead their respective nations.

Note: Special thanks to Nintendo Everything for the images!

What we weren’t certain of before is that the monastery will still play a pivotal role in the second half, called the “war phase”. You’ll still progress through the calendar and you can still train your students, explore the monastery etc. Each chapter lasts a month, as before. But the stakes are higher.

Two screenshots were shown of the academy during the war phase.

The first one seems to depict an older Felix. As you can see, the protagonist has already changed their hair colour. Currently, it’s the 11th of the 1st month, the Harvest Season. The backdrop is the monastery’s cathedral. The player’s Professor Level is C by this point (so about halfway there) and they have 5 activity points to spend.

A new option is available at the top: Advanced Training, which costs 1 activity point in exploring. According to Famitsu, you can receive training from anyone with skill levels higher than yours. So a more flexible version of Faculty Training for students. The other options are gift, lost item and invite to tea (more on this later).

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