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Three Houses: Famitsu Third Article Part 2 (of 2) – Weekend Activities and New Character Details

Welcome to the second–and final–part of our analysis of Famitsu’s third article on Three Houses. Just in case, be sure to check out the first part, as it contains a lot of new story and gameplay details.

If you’re wondering why the analysis is split into two parts, well, there’s simply so much information that it takes several hours for me to digest everything and format it on a page for your viewing pleasure. This way, you don’t have to wait as long to get some of the information.

Anyway, continuing from where we left off..

Weekend Activities to Boost Your Power

Here, we’ll talk about the various activities you can participate in during weekends. It’s your choice if you want to spend your time leisurely, train yourself rigidly, etc.

The above screenshot shows the calendar for the 10th month, the Wyvern Season. Other seasons include the Great Tree Season during the 4th month (which appears to be the month you enter the academy), the Flower Crown Season in the 6th month and the Falling Rain Season (literally “rain falling on leaves”) for the 8th month.

We already saw the calendar in the 2nd Famitsu article. Like before, there are icons for birthdays (two this month, but it seems birthdays during weekends aren’t marked), sub-activities (the fishing hook, plant, dining icons etc.) and a house icon (this time, Blue Lions) at the end of the calendar.

For those unaware or to refresh your memory, players will progress through the calendar, teaching during the weekdays and spending free time in the weekend. For more info about teaching, please check the 2nd Famitsu article. At the end of each month, there’s a Field Study task that you must complete to finish the month. Then the next chapter/act starts.

New for this month are a series of blue exclamation marks during all four weekend. I believe these indicate sidequests or paralogues. More on those later. Also, for those wondering, I don’t think you go through every single day in the calendar, but only the ones where there are important icons.

Here are four of the options available from the calendar screen:

Shop: Access the market where you can stock up on weapons and supplies or sell things. We saw the shop menu before, in the first Famitsu article (search for “shop”).

Skip: Skip to any day of your liking, as well as any activity during that particular day.

The above screenshots show the Skip function. Here, the player chooses Sunday the 5th and the Harvest Festival sub-activity. The other activities in order are: Battle of the Weak, Have-Nots, Kingdom Nobles’ Marriage (all sidequests/paralogues), Fishing Contest and Earth’s Blessing. Read more