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Heroes: Olwen Will be August’s First Resplendent Hero!

Slightly earlier than usual, Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed the next Resplendent Hero who will be added after male Robin, from 10th August 2020 (UTC).

You’re looking at Olwen: Blue Mage Knight, but dressed in Askran garb! For more images and voice clips, please check out her page on the Feh Pass website.

As a reminder, male Robin’s Resplendent skin will be available from 25th July (UTC). Until then, Feh Pass subscribers can grab Resplendent Minerva if they haven’t done so already.

Heroes: World of Thracia Banner

If you’ve been a fan of Fire Emblem Thracia 776, you no longer have to wait to summon your Lord from it. Lief, Nanna, and variants of Reinhardt and Olwen are coming with the New Heroes (World of Thracia) Banner!


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Heroes: Feh Channel Brings Thracia 776 Units, Revamped Tempest Trials, GHBs, Pool Changes and More!

Today, Feh Channel comes to us live, from Nifl of all places.

As one could expect, Feh introduces us to the concept of what’s going on…a traditional news update, to let us know about new incoming events, heroes and more. What we got this time, features four orbs worth of highlights to cover, and there’s a lot packed into these four topics to cover.

Let’s dive right in!

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