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Heroes: Narcian Returns, New Banner Hints, & Maintenance Update!

Get ready for some new excitement in Fire Emblem Heroes! Lots of updates and new challenges are in story, starting today. Narcian is the next character to get a Great Hero Battle Revival, and he’s ready and waiting for your challenge. If you didn’t earn both copies of him before, now is the time to try again!

Like other GHB Revivals, Narcian also comes with a new series of quests. Defeating him and his map under certain conditions can give you an additional copies of his hero, plus up to three Orbs! You can find a breakdown of the new quests below.

@FE_Heroes_JP tweeted some hints yesterday about next week’s upcoming banner. Matching the datamine, it appears that the next banner will feature some female characters as brides! The one on the left definitely appears to be Lyn, but the right Bride is more open to interpretation.

The tweet also confirmed that the “special log-in bonus” will be returning with the new banner! Hopefully this means that players can look forward to 2 daily Orbs again.

Lastly, the Heroes Notification Screen has sent out a warning about upcoming maintenance. The maintenance will begin at 11:00 pm UTC on 29 May and is scheduled to last three hours. Times given are approximate.

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Heroes: Kozaki Yusuke Challenge – New Special Maps & Quests

A new challenge awaits you in Fire Emblem Heroes! Starting today, a new series of special maps is available for all players. What makes these maps particularly interesting is that the enemies you fight against are based on the heroes owned by Fire Emblem illustrator Kozaki Yusuke!

There are a total of five different maps, each with two difficulty modes. Each map features four heroes based on Kozaki’s own player data. The data was taken before Skill Inheritance was implemented, and only base levels are used. Hard Mode enemies received a flat boost to their stats to increase the difficulty.

Kozaki Yusuke is the official artist for both Awakening and Fates. He also drew the in-game art for all of the Heroes original characters. He has previously tweeted pulls and builds of various Heroes characters, so the fact that he has been playing the game has been known for some time.

Completing each map on each difficulty level earns you an Orb a piece, for a total of ten Orbs! A new series of Quests also awards two additional Orbs along with some Shards and Crystals.

The deadline for the new maps and quests is 8 June at 7:59am UTC.

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Heroes: New Sacred Seal Quests Live!

New Sacred Seal quests are now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Just like in the previous mission, complete various quests to earn yourself new Sacred Seals. These are special skills that can be passed around between your characters.

The current quest line contains three seals: HP +3, Fortify Res 1, and Spur Def 1. HP +3 is a repeat from the last quest line, and will convert to 300 Hero Feathers if you already earned it. The other two are both new.

Additionally, the quests reward you with up to five 3★ characters: Felicia, Donnel, Draug, Hana, and Barst. You can use these characters to complete the quests to earn your seals. The final quest in the mission also rewards five Orbs!

This set of Sacred Seals quests will be available until 1 June at 7:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Rite of Shadows Summoning Event is Live!

The Rite of Shadows Summoning Event is live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Players can now summon 5★ versions of Celica, Boey, Mae, and Genny from Fire Emblem Echoes. Take a look at our previous article for a trailer and analysis that shows off the heroes and the new skills they bring to the game.

Alongside the new banner, “Chapter 11: Rite of Shadows” has been added to Story Maps. It features five new maps that can be played on all three difficulties, earning players up to fifteen Orbs.The new maps include some elements memorable to those who have played Echoes or the original Gaiden, such as gravestones and large boat maps.

A new mission also entitled “Rite of Shadows” awards players up to five additional Orbs for beating the new maps on Lunatic difficulty under certain conditions.

The new summoning banner and quests will be available until 30 May at 7:59am UTC.

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