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Heroes: Archaneans and Fairies Team Up for “Summer’s Dream”!

Slightly later than planned, the trailer for the second summer Special Heroes is now here! “Summer’s Dream” will be available between 7th July and 7th August 2021 (UTC).

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

Yesterday’s silhouette teaser was really obvious for a change–Freyja is the poster girl of the trailer, while Norne will be given as a Tempest Trials reward.

As for the other Heroes, you can look forward to the debut of Freyr, Ogma as the 4 and 5-star focus Hero, plus Harmonized Caeda and Plumeria (gosh, what will Marth think of this?).

Please continue for a breakdown of the new Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: Fairies and Beasts Bring Good Fortune in “New Year: ω Special Heroes”!

Keeping with tradition, to celebrate the coming New Year, more Kimono-clad Special Heroes will be arriving soon to Fire Emblem Heroes! The New Year: ω Special Heroes banner will be running from 1st January to 1st February 2021 (UTC).

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

Similar to previous years, the Special Heroes include some of the original characters from the just-finished Book IV, in addition to some lucky Beast characters. The line up is: Plumeria, Velouria, Kaden and Duo Peony (and Triandra).

To mix things up, the banner will also feature 4 Special Heroes from last year’s Renewed Spirits banner: Anna, Selkie, Lethe and Duo Alfonse. The combined focus 5-star rate will be set to 6%, while the non-focus 5-star rate is 2%. Also, Kaden can be summoned as a 4-star focus Hero.

On top of that, Keaton: Resolved Wolfskin will be available via the upcoming Tempest Trials++ event.

Update: Hot off the presses, there will be a gift of 5 First Summon Tickets applicable for this banner. More details will be shared later on.

Please continue for a breakdown of the new Special Heroes!

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Heroes: New Mythic Hero Banner trailer reveals upcoming Mythic Plumeria, available September 30

The new banner trailer for the upcoming Mythic Hero has dropped, and the next one will be from the latest story entry…it’s Plumeria: Lewd Dream. Plumeria is a Astra-blessed, Red Infantry Flier, that bestows the Speed bonus on same-blessed allies during the appropriate season, and is a Dancer like Peony. Additionally, she brings with the next -Rein skill, Atk/Res Rein 3, not necessarily a must-have for slow mage nukes and maybe even manaketes that want to buff their own damage and don’t quite need the speed support; it’s definitely a skill worth its while.

Included in this banner will be the normal 8% summonable focus heroes (three of each color), including:

  • Blue
    • Ephraim (Legendary)
    • Lilith
    • Lucina (Legendary)
  • Colorless
    • Duma
    • Julian
    • Leif (Legendary)
  • Green
    • Celica (Legendary)
    • Micaiah (Legendary)
    • Yune
  • Red
    • Lif
    • Seliph (Legendary)

The banner will open up on 12:00 AM PT September 30 and be available until 11:59 PM PT on October 6.

Details on Plumeria’s skills can be seen below.

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