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Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends Winners Revealed!

The wait is over, and our winners from the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event are here.



Our big winners, remaining mostly consistent with what we saw at the halfway mark, are Ike (Path of Radiance), Roy and Hector for the guys, and Lyn, Lucina and Tharja for the gals. If you’d like to see the full placing of every single eligible character, you can see the entirety of the polled results at their Results page. I took the liberty of breaking out a full text-based list that sorts by complete list, and by game, which you can see here.

In addition to the winners being announced, the Fire Emblem Heroes results page has been updated to show the incoming schedule for Fire Emblem Heroes prize releases, including the order of the upcoming calendars (to be shared on FE_Heroes_JP’s Twitter feed), and special outfits for Ike, Lyn, Roy and Lucina. No sneak peeks of the special outfits, however.

Lastly, players can look forward to receiving their 10,000 Hero Feathers in their app later today. That’s not all, as we’re also being given 10 Dueling Crests to complete the newly added Arena Quests (shown to give rewards of even more Feathers and Crests). Enjoy promoting your units!

Serenes Forests’ Fire Emblem Fates Post-Release Popularity Poll

Serenes Forest denizens, have you conquered your Fates?!

Last year, Nintendo conducted their own popularity contest for Fire Emblem if. The rest of the world has has Fire Emblem Fates now for over six months, and hasn’t had a poll by Nintendo for its favorite unit.

*Click Here to be directed straight to the poll*

Serenes Forest did our Pre-Release Popularity Poll, but that was before we knew what we know now. After localization changes, we’ve got our own genuine version to rate. It’s a tad overdue, but we’re prepared to run our next installment of the Fates Popularity Poll. Things have definitely changed in the community with opinions regarding much of the cast. Well, now’s your time to speak up and share your thoughts about it!

This contest will start today and end on October 19, the 8-month anniversary. The rules for this are simple; one vote for your favorite male and one vote for your favorite female. Unlike the Japanese Popularity Poll, our results will always be visible and limited to one per user. They will remain forever anonymous. You can share your vote in public via post if you’d like, or keep it to yourself. You can even fib, if you want. Nobody has to know.

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Fire Emblem If Popularity Poll Results, Genei Ibun Roku Spotlight & More

If you remember, a popularity poll was announced in October by Nintendo for site visitors to vote for their favorite male and female characters in Fire Emblem If. Well, the results for the contest are finally up!


Aside from the silly translation errors provided by Google Translate, the top three of each gender are highlighted here and the results include all 71 playable characters in their respective categories. Read more

Nintendo Japan Hosts Fire Emblem Fates Popularity Poll

That’s right! Stroll on over to the Japanese Fire Emblem Fates website and fire up that Google Chrome translator! Despite not being released in any region sans its land of creation, an official popularity poll now exists, and runs from today until October 25. Feel free to vote for your favorite male and female units in this very user-friendly poll. One vote may be cast per user, per gender, and any user may vote once per day.