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Three Houses: Final(?) Famitsu Preview (Recap, Early-game Guide & Interview)

Famitsu has shared a preview of their next–and biggest–Three Houses article, from their 8th & 15th August 2019 issue, which comes out on 25th July (in a couple of hours). They’ll be re-introducing the game’s key features, going over some of the early-game maps and there’s also an interview with directors Genki Yokota and Toshiyuki Kusakihara.

On top of that, the front cover for the magazine features a brand new illustration of the two protagonists (whoa, isn’t that impossible?) with all the students. Many thanks to Mapina-089 from Reddit for sharing! It’d be nice if they released a non-obscured version of it later…

Above are two tiny preview images from the article. The left one introduces the monastery occupants and the Black Eagles. I don’t think you should expect any new info from this, since it looks like it’s from the recap (they need to make up the 40 page count somehow!). Meanwhile, the right one is from the interview.

With the game arriving very soon–or in the case of some lucky or sneaky people, already arrived–we probably won’t focus on this Famitsu issue too much. I guess it’ll be nice to look at some of the maps and, of course, the interview should be interesting once it’s translated. But we’ll probably continue working on compiling the game data.

Three Houses: Compilation and Analyses of Recent Video Previews

Last week, many media outlets and YouTubers unloaded their previews of Three Houses for eager fans to sink their teeth into. At the time, I was away on a secret mission (trapped in a waterlogged sports building), so I wasn’t able to follow all the coverage. But now that I’m back, let’s get right to it!

There’s no better place to start than the very beginning. If you’re curious, Gamereactor shared the game’s opening movie. Within, there are a mixture of scenes we’ve seen and others that are new. Because there’s a lot to cover, I won’t go through every single scene–just two of the more notable ones.

Around the 0:15 mark, a few crests can be seen flying around. The first three ones are Seiros, Blaiddyd and Riegan (the crests of the three house leaders), then most of the other crests follow. Unless I missed something, a few crests are absent–most notably Gautier, but also Cichol. The final crest is the protagonist’s Crest of Flames.

Later, around the 0:42 mark, there’s a character we haven’t seen before–a bearded, slightly tanned male–riding alongside some soldiers. From his general appearance, especially his dark hair and yellow-ish clothes, some fans suspect that he’s a relative of Claude’s, perhaps his father even?

Moving on, GameXplain uploaded the first cutscene. Unlike recent titles that begin in media res, Three Houses seems to start with the war between Seiros and Nemesis a thousand or so years ago. More precisely, it occurs in the imperial year 91, on the Tailtean Plains, in what is now Faerghus territory.

The battle proceeds like you’d expect, then the game-changing moment occurs. A golden blade–the Sword of Creation–comes flying from the sky, burning the nearby soldiers. The blade was thrown by Nemesis, who comes to retrieve it. Around this time, weird glowing red spots appear throughout the battlefield.

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Three Houses: Famitsu Preview (Pre-launch Summary and Writer Reviews)

Normally, we’d have to wait 2 or 3 weeks for our next Famitsu article, but not this time! Today, Famitsu posted a preview of their Three Houses pre-launch special, which will appear in the 1st August 2019 issue, releasing on 18th July.

Two preview images were included. The first one suggests that the article will mainly be a summary and recap of everything we’ve learned in the previous 5 articles. There’s a blurb about the story, profiles for male and female Byleth and screenshots from a battle and the academy. Basically, all stuff we’ve seen before.

Famitsu often includes these kinds of summaries right before a game launches for two reasons. Firstly, it’s useful for readers who haven’t been following every single article–and especially those who haven’t read a single one. Secondly, it’s so they don’t have to write anything new. Win-win! That said, they do like to sprinkle in some new screenshots and tidbits.

The second preview image might be more of interest. Unfortunately this image is small and blurry, because it’s actually half the size. From the description, it features “play reviews” from Famitsu’s writer(s). It seems there’s one for each house. To be honest, they’ll probably be more useful than the standard Famitsu reviews, which are like two or three sentences.

Three Houses: Famitsu Preview (Demonic Beasts, New Characters, Facilities and Classes)

We’re entering the final stretch of Three Houses news! Famitsu has posted a preview of their fifth Three Houses feature, ahead of the release of their next magazine issue (25th July) in just over a day.

The headline of this feature is the gigantic “Demonic Beasts”, monsters that occupy multiple tiles and with multiple HP bars. The “King of Beasts” is one such Demonic Beast. As is the Black Beast shown in the illustration.

If you’re interested, there’s a much larger version of the Black Beast illustration from the E3 2019 press assets.

Here’s the preview image provided. If you’re wondering why it’s blurrier than usual, that’s because the image itself is half the size. Here’s the actual size. I’m not quite sure why they shrunk the image–were too many people correctly guessing details?

Anyway, because the image is so insanely small, saying it’s difficult to determine anything is an understatement. That said, the screenshot in the far bottom-left corner seems to show Dimitri in his Lord class fighting a Black Beast.

Correction: Disclaimer has pointed out that this isn’t post-timeskip Dimitri because the cape design is much simpler here. Indeed, assuming this is the Black Beast battle (because of the similar map and background), we know it takes place during the academy phase.

Also, I believe they’re showing the Giant Bird, Giant Wolf and King of Beasts in the assorted screenshots. The Giant Bird appeared at the very end of one of the recent commercials. Meanwhile the Giant Wolf was in the first Treehouse Live battle, as well as the Japanese Introduction video.

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