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Cipher Updates: Female Corrin Promo, Autumn Livestream, S15 Pack Art Sleeves!

We still have some time before we start getting regular reveals for Fire Emblem Cipher S15. However, a few small pieces of news have been trickling out recently, so here’s a minor update with some news. First up, a new Female Corrin Promo is now available! Artist Konfuzki also shared their text-free version of the art via twitter.

Dengeki Nintendo recently released this promo in their December issue which just came out on 20 October. Each issue of the magazine contains two copies of the card. You can order the magazine online via Amazon JP.

Additionally, we now have news for the upcoming Autumn Cipher Livestream! It will air on 10 November via NicoNico and YouTube Live.

As usual, Ryota Kawade and Young will be hosting. Satomi Satou (VA for F!Corrin) and Hibiku Yamamura (VA for Rinea and Shade) will also be joining in as guests. The stream will show off lots of new cards and also include upcoming Cipher and merchandise information. It should be a fun time!

The official S15 Cipher sleeves are now also available for pre-order! The four sleeve designs this time around are: Tiki, Female Corrin, Camilla, and Leif. You can pre-order all four designs via AmiAmi.

That’s all the Cipher news for now! With the Autumn Livestream coming on the 10th, we should expect to see daily reveals starting around 5 November. Stay tuned for more news and information as it becomes available.

Fire Emblem Cipher Series 14 Release!

Today, 27 September, is the official release day for Fire Emblem Cipher Series 14! The set, titled Eyegazing Future, is now available in card shops in Japan and for import around the world.

S14 features cards and characters from five different Fire Emblem titles. The first half of the set is made of Blue cards for Awakening and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. The remaining cards are split between the Birthright path of Fates and Green cards for Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn in Tellius.

Scroll on down below for a closer look at the cards and promotional items available in the set. NOTE: Some of the artwork and cards contained in this set do contain spoilers for their respective games. Proceed with caution if you’ve not yet finished playing these titles.

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Fire Emblem Cipher Series 13 Release!

Today, 28 June, is the official release day for Fire Emblem Cipher Series 13! The set titled Flame, Steel, Thought and Grief is now available in card shops around Japan.

S13 features cards and characters from Blazing Sword, Shadow Dragon, and Heroes. It also contains a new Structured Deck featuring more FE7 characters. Scroll on below for a look at the available cards and related promos!

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Cipher S13 Weekly Recap: Daily Card Reveals, Promos, & Livestream Reminder!

We’re less than a week away from the S13 release of Fire Emblem Cipher! @fecipher has been very busy sharing a multitude of cards this week. The highlight of this week’s reveals arrived today, two gorgeous joined-art SR+ cards of Marth and Caeda from Shadow Dragon!

Two more SR cards were also revealed this week, Hector from Blazing Sword and Sharena from Heroes! Sharena‘s card features some other female FE protagonists in the background, while Hector’s card joins Lyn and Eliwood to form a long joined-art panorama. @fecipher also showed off a text-free version of the art over Twitter.

The final reveals for the week go to Norne and Kiran. Norne gets both an R and an alternate art R+ card. Like Sharena, Kiran’s card also contains some other Heroes characters. The included characters are a reference to the original opening move for the game.

This week also brought us a few new Heroes-based promo cards! Both Sharena and Fjorm get special promos in the latest issues of Nintendo Dream and Dengeki Nintendo respectively. Each issue comes with two copies of its respective promo.

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