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Fire Emblem Cipher Series 19 Release!

Today is the official day of the Fire Emblem Cipher Series 19 Release! Those in Japan can head to their favourite card shop to purchase S19, “The Holy Flames of Sublime Heaven“. Packs contain cards featuring characters from Three Houses and Genealogy of the Holy War.

Click on the “Read More” button below to dive in and take a look at the cards in the set. We also have some information on the set’s earliest promos.

NOTE: Some of these cards do contain spoilers for both Three Houses and Genealogy. If you have yet to complete either or both of these games, consider yourself duly warned.

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Cipher: Magazine Promos for Male & Female Byleth!

Two more promo cards for Fire Emblem Cipher Series 18 have now been formally revealed! They Male Byleth and Female Byleth.

These promos will be available in the next issues of Nintendo Dream and Dengeki Nintendo respectively. You can click on the links to pre-order either magazine from Amazon.co.jp. Both issues come out next week on 21 October and include two copies of their respective promo.

Although not officially confirmed, these are likely the final two promos associated with the set.

Fire Emblem Cipher Series 17 Release!

Fire Emblem Cipher Series 17 has hit shelves in Japan, and boy is this latest set a great one! The Advance of All Heroes features, as you might expect, characters from every Fire Emblem game.

Additionally, a special Starter Deck released alongside the game. The deck features Lucina as the MC, but contains a wide assortment of other characters, too. Scroll on down below for a closer look at the cards and promotional items available in the set.

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Cipher Series 17 Pre-Release Livestream: New Cards & S18 Art + S17 Set List!

This past weekend, the Fire Emblem Cipher team hosted the Series 17 Pre-Release Livestream live over NicoNico and YouTube! It started off with a fancy new introduction, showing new cards blasting outward…

Ryota Kawade and Young led the show as usual. They were joined by a few guests as well, including Nozomi Sasaki (VA for Oboro and Felicia), a new presenter named Kubocchan, and an Edelgard cosplayer.

Like most pre-release streams, the main focus of the show was on opening packs and showing off cards. We also got a look at some release promotion items, S17 tournament promo cards, anniversary art, and even new art for the upcoming Series 18 later this year! Hit the “Read More” button to check it all out.

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