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Fire Emblem Cipher Series 17 Release!

Fire Emblem Cipher Series 17 has hit shelves in Japan, and boy is this latest set a great one! The Advance of All Heroes features, as you might expect, characters from every Fire Emblem game.

Additionally, a special Starter Deck released alongside the game. The deck features Lucina as the MC, but contains a wide assortment of other characters, too. Scroll on down below for a closer look at the cards and promotional items available in the set.

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Cipher Series 17 Pre-Release Livestream: New Cards & S18 Art + S17 Set List!

This past weekend, the Fire Emblem Cipher team hosted the Series 17 Pre-Release Livestream live over NicoNico and YouTube! It started off with a fancy new introduction, showing new cards blasting outward…

Ryota Kawade and Young led the show as usual. They were joined by a few guests as well, including Nozomi Sasaki (VA for Oboro and Felicia), a new presenter named Kubocchan, and an Edelgard cosplayer.

Like most pre-release streams, the main focus of the show was on opening packs and showing off cards. We also got a look at some release promotion items, S17 tournament promo cards, anniversary art, and even new art for the upcoming Series 18 later this year! Hit the “Read More” button to check it all out.

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Cipher S17 Weekly Recap: Final Week of Card Reveals + Promos & Livestream Reminder!

There have been so many cool Cipher cards revealed this week, it’s hard to know where to begin! Four of the five daily reveals feature SR cards, with the two more recent also showing off some sweet cameos. Sigurd‘s SR features Quan and Eldigan, while other female manaketes appear in Tiki‘s SR.

Zephiel and Takumi also get two SRs this week! You can check them out below with their unpromoted cards. Zephiel’s cost 1 card is a rather emotional piece, showing events around the time his father tried to kill him. His SR also fits into the large joined-art that started last set!

Last but not least, Eliwood rounds out the set with a gorgeous N and R card combo, both by Sachiko Wada.

@fecipher also showed off nice, large images of two new promos featuring Three Houses characters Byleth and Edelgard! You can get these copies in the latest issues of Dengeki Nintendo and Nintendo Dream, respectively. Each issues comes with two copies of the matching card! They release today, 21 June, in Japan.

Finally, don’t forget that tomorrow is the S17 Pre-Release Livestream! Nozomi Sasaki (VA for Oboro and Felicia) is joining as a guest. Ryota Kawade and Young will be our hosts as usual. This stream is also the 4th Anniversary of Fire Emblem Cipher! It airs tomorrow at 8:00pm JST (11:00am UTC).

We should get to see many more remaining cards for S17, including signed cards, alternate cards, tournie promos, and more! We’ll also likely see some art for upcoming sets. The anniversary celebration may also bring some surprises. If you’d like to watch along, you can get links for NicoNico or YouTube streams here on the official site.

Cipher News Updates: S16 Promos, S17 Sleeves & Art + Spring Livestream Details!

Fire Emblem Cipher news has been a bit slow since the release of Series 16. However, we have gotten a few tidbits of information over the past couple weeks, including a full look at some new S16 Promos!

First up is Lucina, whose art was revealed earlier. This special promo was given to attendees of the recent FE Expo in Japan. The art is by Mayo and is a special callback to her earlier Marth artwork for the Anniversary Concert promo card.

The second card is a special card for Deirdre drawn by Rika Suzuki. Two copies of this promo will be included in Suzuki’s upcoming artbook. Furthermore, @FEcipher has confirmed that this is an alternate art reprint of a new Deirdre card from S17.

Speaking of S17, we do have some news from the upcoming set as well, including a look at the set’s sleeves! The four sleeve designs for this set are for: Marth, Ayra, Lucina, and Female Corrin.

Marth’s and Ayra’s sleeves use their new S17 art, while Lucina and Corrin use their special summer art from last year’s Comiket promos. You can pre-order them on AmiAmi.

Furthermore, magazines in Japan give us another glimpse at S17’s artwork! Not all of these pieces are new, but some are, such as Kaden. Thanks to AuroraSkye for the photograph.

Finally, we now have a timeline for more S17 news thanks to the announcement for the Spring 2019 Cipher Livesteam! Michihiko Hagi (VA for Ike) and Eri Suzuki (VA for Soleil, Delthea, and Emma) will be joining as guests. The stream will air on 25 May live over NicoNico and YouTube. Check the official site for more details.

As such, this also implies that S17 daily reveals will be starting earlier than week on 20 May! Get ready!