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Heroes: Resplendent Tiki Coming Soon & January to February Event Calendar!

Earlier, Fire Emblem Heroes revealed the next Resplendent Hero, available from 25th January 2021 (UTC). Why, it’s Tiki: Dragon Scion!

This version of Young Tiki is wearing clothes based on Embla, the first antagonistic nation to appear in FE Heroes. As usual, you can find more artwork and voice clips via the FEH Pass website.

In other news, the wait for the next event calendar felt longer this time, but finally it’s here!

Notable happenings include a double whammy of Special Heroes summoning events–from 17th January and another from 4th February. Meanwhile, this month’s Mythic Hero will descend from 27th January. Also, 1st February marks 4 years since FE Heroes was launched.

Please continue for the text version of the calendar~

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Heroes: Resplendent Eldigan Inbound & Christmas Gift from Hilda!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays! Over in Fire Emblem Heroes, Resplendent Delthea is now available for FEH Pass subscribers. Also, the next Resplendent Hero will be Eldigan: Lionheart.

This version of the King of Nordion is wearing attire based on Hel, the realm of the dead. He’ll be available starting from 10th January 2021. Feel free to check out his official webpage for voice samples and more lavish artwork!

Earlier, Hilda from Three Houses briefly took over the official FEH Twitter account, while Feh was snoozing for days (I’m still convinced she’s overworked). During that time, users could request a greeting card from Sothis, Bernadetta, Felix or herself (links via Reddit).

Before she left, Hilda graciously handed out a Christmas gift for all players: 3 First Summon Tickets for the Legendary Lilina banner, 3 for the Glorious Gifts re-run and another 3 for the Gifts of Winter re-run (for a total of 9 tickets).

These can be claimed until 1st January 2021.

Heroes: Resplendent Delthea Coming Soon & December/January Calendar!

Today, FEH Pass subscribers can pick up Resplendent Niles, if they dare. In addition, the next Resplendent Hero, available from 25th December (UTC), has been revealed as Delthea: Free Spirit.

Delthea has donned a dökkálfar outfit, like those seen in the realm of nightmares. For more images and voice samples, feel free to check her page on the FEH Pass website.

In other news, the event calendar for mid December 2020 to mid January 2021 has been published.

Notable happenings include the Christmas Special Heroes on 16th December (these were teased at the end of the Book V FEH Channel), a new Legendary Hero on 24th December, New Year’s Special Heroes on 31st December and more New Heroes on 7th January (all dates in PST).

Please continue for the text version of the calendar.

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Heroes: Resplendent Niles Arriving in December!

Starting today, FEH Pass subscribers can grab Resplendent Lucina. Additionally, the next Resplendent Hero to be distributed from 10th December 2020 (UTC) has been revealed as Niles: Cruel to Be Kind!

As you can see, Niles is rocking devilish duds from Múspell, the kingdom of flames. For more artwork and voice samples, check out his official webpage. After a slew of protagonists/important characters, it’s nice to see another minor character receive the Resplendent treatment!