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Heroes: Resplendent Marth Arriving in November!

After yesterday’s shocking announcement that the very first Fire Emblem game is being localised for the Nintendo Switch, it’s only right that the next Resplendent Hero to be revealed is Marth, the Hero who started it all!

It seems that the Hero-King has become fond of Askran fashion after being summoned to their realm. As usual, you can check out more of his art and voice lines via the official FEH Pass site. He’ll be available starting from 10th November 2020 (UTC), once his beloved Caeda has returned home.

Heroes: Resplendent Caeda Incoming & October/November Calendar!

It’s time to see which Hero won the Resplendent lottery again! From 25th October 2020, Feh Pass subscribers can receive a Resplendent version of Caeda: Talys’s Heart.

Caeda here is wearing clothes based on Nifl, the kingdom of ice. You can learn more about her from the Feh Pass website. To jog your memory, Resplendent Takumi will be the Resplendent Hero starting tomorrow.

Moving back to the present, the event calendar covering mid October and November is now here! Notable happenings include New Heroes from 18th October, the next Legendary Hero on 29th October and some more Special Heroes come 5th November.

As usual, keep going for the text version of the calendar.

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Heroes: Resplendent Takumi Rises in October & Awakening-themed Hall of Forms!

Like clockwork, the Fire Emblem Heroes team has shared details of the Resplendent Hero for the period after the current one.

After fading into obscurity from his reign of terror during the first months of the game, Takumi: Wild Card has risen from the grave, sporting attire that would make Hel proud (probably).

If you’re unafraid, you can learn more about this iteration of Takumi via the Feh Pass website. He’ll be available from 10th October 2020 (UTC), after the currently-available Resplendent Julia melts away into the snow.

In other news, a new round of Hall of Forms has started, featuring some big names from Awakening.

  • Cavalry Chrom
  • Brave Lucina
  • Fallen Robin
  • Walhart

The hall will be open until the daily rollover on 9th October. I think one of our editors is pretty excited about building the Forma Chrom…

Heroes: Julia is September’s 2nd Resplendent Hero & More “New Heroes” Revivals!

Following the release of Resplendent Alm today, we have details of the next Resplendent Hero, arriving on 25th September 2020 (UTC).

This version of Julia: Naga’s Blood is based on the attire worn by those from the frozen Kingdom of Nifl. For more details, check out her page on the official Feh Pass mini-site.

In other news, Feh is once again asking for Summoners to choose the next “New Heroes” revival banner and Forging Bonds event for November.

The available choices are:

  • Changing Winds: Hilda, Hubert, Petra and Mercedes
  • Peony and More: I wonder who? Peony, Mareeta, Eyvel and Osian
  • The Dread Isle: Leila, Nils, Rath and Fiora
  • Harmony amid Chaos: Annette, Ferdinand, Lysithea and Bernadetta

The previous winner was Heir of Light, featuring powerful Heroes from the 2nd half of Genealogy of the Holy War.

As such, the corresponding banner and Forging Bonds will be here until 18th September (UTC). If you haven’t already, now’s your chance to get to know Ced, Larcei, Shannan and Altena!