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Heroes: Resplendent Nowi Coming Soon

December’s first Resplendent Hero has been revealed as Nowi: Eternal Youth.

This version of Nowi is wearing an outfit inspired by Múspell, the Kingdom of Flame. She’ll be available for FEH Pass subscribers from 10th December 2021 (UTC). You can check her artwork (by Kousei Horiguchi) and voice samples here.

Heroes: Resplendent Ryoma & November/December Calendar!

November’s second Resplendent Hero will be Ryoma: Peerless Samurai.

This version of Ryoma is wearing dazzling clothes inspired by Askr. He’ll be available for subscribers from 25th November 2021 (UTC). Meanwhile, you can check his artwork (by Clover.K) and voice samples over yonder.

Also, the next event calendar is ready for viewing.

Key happenings include the next batch of New Heroes from 17th November (UTC), another Mythic Hero on 30th November (UTC) and more New Heroes from 7th December (UTC).

Assuming previous years’ patterns, early December should feature a FEH Channel, including details for the next arc of the main story (Book VI). Presumably, we’ll get our first original character from Book VI in the December New Heroes banner.

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Heroes: Serra Will Be First Staff Resplendent!

The next Resplendent Hero to grace Fire Emblem Heroes will be Serra: Outspoken Cleric. She’ll also be the first staff-wielder to receive a Resplendent form.

This version of Serra is wearing clothes based on Nifl, the realm of ice. She’ll be available for subscribers from 10th November 2021 (UTC). In the meantime, you can check the Feh Pass website for her artwork (by eihi) and sample voice clips.

Heroes: Resplendent Kagero & October/November Calendar!

October’s second Resplendent Hero will be Kagero: Honorable Ninja.

This version of the Hoshidan retainer is wearing attire from Dökkálfheimr, the realm of nightmares. She’ll be available from 25th October 2021 (UTC). You can check her full artwork (by Kakage) and voice samples via the Feh Pass website.

Also, the event calendar for mid October to mid November is finally here. Key dates include 18th October when the next bunch of New Heroes arrive, 29th October when another Legendary Hero descends and 5th November, when more Special Heroes make their entrance.

Last year’s Special Heroes were ninja-themed; considering the pirates came back this year, there’s a decent chance the ninjas will also return. Ninja Sakura for my birthday would be cool, but nah.

As usual, the text version of the calendar is after the break.

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