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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes: Sneak Peak at Limited Edition Contents & Japanese Retailer Exclusives

As of today, those in Japan can now pre-order the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes treasure box (read special edition). The contents are the same as the European limited edition, as noted here.

  • The game itself.
  • Artbook.
  • Tapestry map of Fodlan.
  • Set of 5 acrylic figures.
  • Character postcard set.

The Treasure Box is valued at 16,720 yen which roughly equates to 145.39 USD or 127.98 Euro.

Currently, this limited edition has only been announced for Europe, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We’ll let you know ASAP if anything changes.

In addition, Japan has some retailer exclusive merch. We have a chart that lists out what they get dependent on where they order the game from.

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