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Heroes: Voting Gauntlet: Heroes & Legends + Retweet Event & June Quests!

A new event has just begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! Support your favourite hero in the latest Voting Gauntlet: Heroes & Legends.

Eight Askrian and Legendary Heroes are competing for the top prize. Because these heroes are only available for free and/or in special Legendary Hero banners, there is no associated banner for this event. Here’s the starting bracket:

Round 1

Alfonse vs. Sharena
Anna vs. Fjorm
Legendary Ryoma vs. Gunnthrá
Legendary Robin vs. Legendary Ike

Earn Battle Flags and battle every 30 minutes to score points for your chosen hero and lead them to victory! You can also earn Orbs, Sacred Coins, and Refining Stones by completing various quests each round. These quests are the same as in previous Voting Gauntlets.

The first round ends on 3 June at 6:00am UTC, with the second round starting after the following reset. The Gauntlet will end, and the the winner will be announced, on 7 June.

Additionally, Heroes is hosting a Retweet Event to celebrate the arrival of Accessories with the upcoming Version 2.6 Update! You can retweet either this tweet from @NintendoAmerica or this tweet from @FE_Heroes_HP. Both twitter accounts have already reached their stated goal of 10,000 RTs, but it’s good to show your support!

Finally, the new month has also brought new Monthly Quests! Complete all three sets of June Quests to earn a wealth of Orbs, Hero Feathers, and many other useful rewards. These quests follow the typical patterns for fighting in the Training Tower and Main Story, as well as defeating certain foes. As usual, you’ll have all month to complete the quests.

Heroes: Retweet Rewards Incoming!

Get ready for some free goodies in Fire Emblem Heroes! Retweet rewards for two separate events are now on their way.

First up is the Choose Your Legends retweet campaign that began on 29 August. Everyone came together and met the highest tier of rewards! You can pick up your 5 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers for this event starting today.

Additionally, the Starter Support Free Hero retweet event has also ended. The winner is none other than Narcian: Wyvern General! All Heroes players will receive their free 4★ version of Narcian starting this Saturday, 16 September.

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim & Eirika, New Artwork, & Flier Retweet Promotion!

A new battle event is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can challenge Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim & Eirika in the Special Maps menu. There’s also a new, matching banner wherein you can summon 5★ versions of Ephraim, Eirika, and Seth.

You can fight the Bound Hero Battle in up to three different difficulties and earn up to nine Orbs! Like previous iterations, all of your allies must survive the map in order to win. Both the BHB and its associated banner will be available until 13 September.

Additionally, we now have new Heroes artwork for Nephenee and the Black Knight! As of a few hours ago, you can fight both characters in the Quick Hero Battle mini-game.

There has been no official word on how we’ll see them in the game, but it will likely be soon. The most popular current theory is that they will appear in the upcoming Tempest Trials later this month. The title of the Trial, “Moment of Fate” is the same as the chapter title when Ike confronts the Black Knight in Path of Radiance.

Finally, @FE_Heroes_JP has started a new Flier-based Retweet promotion!

All Heroes players are encouraged to retweet the individual tweet images for either Est, Catria, Palla, or Narcian. The character with the most retweets by 11 September will be given out at a 4★ hero for all players! So either retweet your favourite character, or whichever one you’d most like to have in-game.