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Heroes: Røkkr Sieges begins now!

Røkkr Sieges is up and running. Be sure to participate to earn yourself Orbs, Feathers, and Dragonflowers!

The event begins today. There are three rounds – each lasting two days – until the event comes to a close on the 29th of August, 6:59am UTC.

Since the last Røkkr Sieges, there have been some changes to the mode:

  • Dragonflowers will now be part of the Damage Rewards.
  • Number of Røkkr that appear in Battle 3 is reduced to 4 from 6.
  • Some of the Røkkr skills have been replaced with stat modifiers.


Heroes: BHB Revival, daily banner, incoming Røkkr Sieges, and new Royalty Convenes video!

Today’s Heroes news begins with a Bound Hero Battle Revival.

BHBR: Elincia & Nephenee is available to challenge from today until the 31st of August, 6:59am UTC. Earn up to 9 Orbs by completing the BHB in all difficulties (if you haven’t already), and a further 5 Orbs by completing the accompanying quests.

As stated in the title of this post, there is now a part 2 posted by the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel of Royalty Convenes, titled “Walking with the People.”

The four CYL3 winners discuss their previous connections and experiences with common-folk before they reached their current positions in royalty. You can watch the Japanese version here.

Click on “Read more” for information on today’s daily 2018 banner re-run and information on changes to the upcoming Røkkr Sieges.

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Heroes: New Power banner, Morgan BHB and banner, and more!

The latest Heroes to receive some new weapons and refines are now available as part of a New Power banner.

Luke: Rowdy Squire (Rowdy Sword), Roderick: Steady Squire (Steady Lance), Matthew: Faithful Spy (Spy’s Dagger), and Raigh: Dark Child (Hermit’s Tome) are able to be summoned as 5-Star focus Heroes. You can read more about their new weapons here.

The banner begins today and will come to an end on the 27th of July, 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Røkkr Sieges is now available!

Røkkr Sieges have finally come after it was initially announced during the surprise Feh Channel back on the 6th June.

Røkkr Sieges is a new event where you must fight Røkkr who have had the form of Heroes bestowed upon them by Loki.

There are three battles over 6 days, with each battle being 2 days long.

The mode itself works similarly to Grand Conquests, where you have a maximum of 8 Røkkr Stamina which refills by 1 per hour, and you can use stamina refills (Havoc Axe) to recover 8 Stamina at once.

Click on “Read more” to read more into the new game mode.

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