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Heroes: Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace Now Live!

It’s time for another Tempest Trials in Fire Emblem Heroes! Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace starts today and runs for the next two weeks.

Once again, Masked Marth reaches out to various heroes to help with the arrival of another tempest. Although the heroes are willing to help, someone couldn’t help finding the situation a bit ridiculous…

As usual, you can access the Tempest Trials on the battle screen. The opening screen shows the available Bonus Allies, your current score, and links to Check Rewards or Select Stage. This time, the various maps come from seasonal paralogues. The final map is a rather festive version of Chapter 6 from Awakening and features M!Robin as the boss.

Once again, we get another Log-In Bonus and there are also a variety of rewards that Heroes players can work to earn. The Daily Quests are back and updated with Refining Stones. You can also score lots of rewards for earning up to 99,999 points in the Trials. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Units: 4★ Masked Marth at 2,000 and 5★ Masked Marth at 30,000.
  • Sacred Seals: Threaten Spd at 12,000, Iote’s Shield at 20,000, Heavy Blade at 40,000.
  • Water Blessing at 25,000

There are also Shards, Crystals, Hero Feathers, Sacred Coins, and of course lots of Orbs!

Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace will last until 6:59am UTC on 9 January.
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Heroes: Sacred Seal Forge Support Event

To keep us occupied before the upcoming Feh Channel in a few days, Fire Emblem Heroes has added a bunch of new special maps and quests to encourage players to craft and enhance Sacred Seals.

Altogether there are 5 maps with 3 difficulty levels each; completing on Normal and Hard awards 10 Sacred Coins, while Lunatic awards 1 Orb. Meanwhile the quests dish out 2 additional Orbs and 50 Sacred Coins.

Furthermore, for 10 days until the end of the event (on 27th November 2017.), there will be a Log-in Bonus that provides a total of 60 Sacred Coins and 20 of each Great Badge. So that’s a total of 210 possible Sacred Coins just from this event!

If you’re not sure what Sacred Seals to craft or enhance, the developers have even revealed a list of the top 10 most owned seals. At number 1, by a fair margin, is Distant Def 3. The full top 10–as well as the quests–can be found below.

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Heroes: Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light is Now Live!

The latest Tempest Trials have just begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light starts today.

Seliph witnesses some strange occurrences. Soon, Masked Marth approaches him and introduces him to some familiar faces who may be able to help with the situation…

You can access the Tempest Trials in the upper left side of the Battle screen. The opening page shows you the available Bonus Allies and your current points, as well as containing links to view available rewards. Once you’re ready, hit the Select Stage button to begin, and work your way towards a new final map…

The rewards for this event follow similar patterns to old Trials. You can unlock 4★ and 5★ versions of the new hero, Arden, at 6,000 and 30,000 points respectively. There are also three new Sacred Seals available: Brash Assault 1 at 12,000, Atk Smoke 1 at 20,000, and Guidance 1 at 40,000. All Seals can be upgraded at the new Sacred Forge.

Other rewards include Orbs, Hero Feathers, Crystals, and now Sacred Coins.

As a celebration for the event, Heroes has also begun a new Log-In Bonus! You can earn up to 13 Orbs throughout the duration of the Trials. As usual, there are also daily quests that reward you for completing Trials maps each day. Starting halfway through the event, you will be able to earn double rewards from these quests! You can see the full list below.

Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light will last for about two weeks, ending on 6 November at 6:59am UTC. The associated quests and banner will also end at that time.

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Heroes: More Sacred Seals Quests!

More Sacred Seals Quests have returned to Fire Emblem Heroes!

Complete a series of quests to earn some Sacred Seals and also 3★ versions of Lon’qu, Shanna, Beruka, Henry, and Virion. You can also snag five Orbs! The three Sacred Seals (HP+3, Fortify Res 1, and Spur Def 1) are all repeats from previous quests. As such, if you’ve already received them, you’ll get 300 Hero Feathers each instead.

You can check out the full quest breakdown below. They’ll be available until 8 October at 6:59am UTC.

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