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Fire Emblem Heroes Update and TMS#FE Discount

Over the course of the next several hours, iOS and Android users should keep an eye on their Fire Emblem Heroes apps, as Version 1.1.0 is becoming available.

This update has made several changes not yet known, but with hints from the developers and phrasing on the App stores, likely includes updates on the upcoming Grand Hero Battle with Ursula, as well as functionality for the new Inherit Skill system. Additionally, it seems as though people who have found ways to hack the game are being punished for their deeds through enhanced security features. If there are other secrets included, (such as translation updates for the English Physic and French Parthia errors), those have yet to be reported.

What is known is that the ??? block in the Battle map will include the Voting Gauntlet, and that it is coming soon! Check the “More” at the bottom of the bulletin post for more details on the event.

Additionally, users will receive a Hero Feather bonus of 3,333, along with 3 Orbs, Stamina Potions and Dueling Crests as a Special Log-in Bonus, part of the Nintendo Switch being released today. This is a one time bonus available for all users that log in from now until April 2 of this year, so enjoy the prize!

Also, if you are on the fence about giving Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE a try, or just looking to play a new RPG, now might be a good time to take advantage of an offer from Nintendo.

For 140 Gold Coins, My Nintendo members can receive a 30% price reduction on orders of the game. This deal is available until June 3, 2017, so you definitely have time to consider.

Fates: Opening Week Sales + Renka’s Debut

It’s been a week since Fire Emblem Fates came out in Japan, which means two things.


Firstly, we now have data for the all-important first week of sales.

According to Media Create, Fates sold 303,366 copies between the Hoshido version, Nohr version and the Special Edition (the latter of which sold 42,991 copies).

Famitsu meanwhile places Fates slightly higher, at 353,201. It’s likely Famitsu counts the Special Edition as two games, which would partially account for the higher figure (the remaining difference is likely due to different tracking).

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