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Fire Emblem Engage: Seadall & Animal Tidbits via Twitter

After a brief gap, the Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter has shared some more Fire Emblem Engage posts, this time featuring Seadall’s profile and some animal hi-jinks.

Seadall’s profile:

Seadall (VA: Shogo Sakamoto) is a renowned dancer from the Kingdom of Solm. Has a glamorous charm and a mysterious air to him. Also skilled at fortune-telling and often reads the fortunes of his companions.

Dancing scene:

This video is showing Seadall’s dancing, which allows a unit to move again, like previous FEs.

Seadall is at the map with sealed rooms, seen in Hortensia’s spotlight etc. He’s a Level 15 Dancer with a Silver Body Art, Protective Body Art and Vulnerary, synced with Corrin.

Seadall has a greyed out Chain Guard command. Qi Adepts can use this to nullify damage inflicted to adjacent allies at the cost of up to 20% of their HP. However, it can only be used at full health and Seadall has taken damage.

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