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Heroes: 2nd Anniversary Heroes Banner and “War of the Tacticians” Voting Gauntlet banners are live

First and foremost, the “Summon Select Heroes” event is now live!

Myrrh: Spooky Monster, Azura: Vallite Songstress, Lyn: Lady of the Wind, and Duma: God of Strength are all available for the free summon. Which you will get is completely random, and they will also come with assets and flaws.

Pick up your free random Hero, then the banner will become a regular banner with a 3% appearance rate on the four focus Heroes. The banner begins today, and will end on the 4th of March, 6:59am UTC. Be sure to pick up your free Hero before the end!

With the 2nd Anniversary hype dying down (was it really alive?), we now have a Voting Gauntlet to look forward to. Enter the “War of the Tacticians!”

Two banners have gone live today, with 7 of the Heroes participating spread between them. The Voting Gauntlet will begin on the 28th of February, 7:00am UTC, and will end on the 6th of March, 3:59am UTC.

Set A (on the left) features only 5-star exclusive Heroes, while Set B has two 3-4-Star Heroes, one 4-5-Star Hero, and one 5-Star exclusive Hero. Going green statistically has a better chance of granting a 5-Star Hero in both banners for your free summon, if you have no intention of using Orbs here. The banners end on the 6th of March, 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: Surprise FEH Channel Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, Drops News on Upcoming Events

I’ll bet you were probably just as surprised as I was, to not hear anything about an upcoming FEH Channel for Fire Emblem Heroes’ 2nd anniversary. The only thing that managed to surprise me more, was the surprise drop of the FEH Channel video, just a short while ago.

FEH describes in her video, an immediate teaser of incoming Bonus Orbs (by Log-In Bonus), Orb Reward Maps and Double EXP/SP events. This much was likely expected, but some other not-so-expected bits of news came in the form of an Aether Raids Update, two sets of Daily Summoning Events, a Special Heroes Summoning Event and a new website-based mini game, Find & Vote Heroes.

Check out the Japanese video here.

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