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Heroes: “Holiday Handoff” Introduces More Christmas-themed Heroes

Ho ho ho, it’s Christmas season in FE Heroes soon.

(Note: You can check out the Japanese trailer here)

This year, you can summon Winter-themed versions of the Black Knight, Dorothea, Annette and Harmonised Cordelia with Selena.

Well, wasn’t that the easiest silhouette ever? Also, how many seasonal versions will Dorothea get before her default appearance?

In addition, Bruno will be the Tempest Trials reward. Last year, a Winter version of him was teased in the Chibi Playhouse video.

This Tempest Trials will also be the finale of the Life & Death series.

Heroes: Upcoming Willful Rabbits Banner brings bunnies on March 17

Summoners; with the Winter season nearly over, it’s Spring that now resides on our doorsteps, and Fire Emblem Heroes knows this, by welcoming the Spring season with the upcoming Willful Rabbits banner. This time around, we have four (plus one) alts aboard, and a Tempest Trials+ unit that’s a first-timer to the fray, giving us some love for Awakening and Sacred Stones series of Fire Emblem.

Say hello to Severa, Inigo, Minerva, and Harmonic-Hero Myrrh (plus Nah), and a special hello to the reward unit, Saleh: Vernal Sage, on March 17. Additionally, look forward to getting your hands on Minerva, as she’s the 4* Focus hero in this banner. Those aren’t the only surprises this time around though, as we also get access to the first Duel skill for Cavalry units, in R Duel Cavalry 4. There are many other powerful inheritable skills this time, as well as two Rein skills, another Duel 4 skill, and two unique inheritable weapons that boost Atk and Spd of the user and negate penalties too.

Again, this banner will drop on March 17, and run for one month. The Tempest Trial+ event kicks off on March 18

For the Japanese banner, click here.

For character art, visit 4Gamer.Net.

For more details on the units, click Read More.

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Heroes: Book V Begins Banner featuring new world Reginn and Grado Generals


As known through the moments-ago released Feh Channel, we know that the squad includes Selena: Flourspar, as well as Duessel, Natasha and Book V unit Reginn (who we will get one for free anyway). Included in these heroes are some new skills, including the next -Ruse skill and -Solo 4 skill. Also, Natasha will be part of the next 4* Focus as well as the 5* Focus.

This banner kicks off in just a few hours, so get ready to summon your first new Book unit, Summoners!

Details on all of the banner units can be seen by clicking Read More.

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Heroes: “Summer Passing” Features Magvel + Tellius Heroes & First “Twin World” Hero!

We’re not sure if the Fire Emblem Heroes team released the next Summer trailer 12 hours too early, but here it is!

Update: The trailer was indeed posted too early–it’s since been removed and Feh has apologised about it.

Update 2: Here’s the trailer for real!

The Special Heroes clad in swimwear include Selena, Joshua and Lute from The Sacred Stones. Meanwhile, the fourth Hero (or pair of Heroes rather), Mia and Masked Marth is a new type of Duo Hero.

Right now, we’re unsure what their official designation is–maybe “Harmonized Hero” or “Harmonic Hero”, judging from their skill name? Internally, their icon is labelled as “Twin World”, presumably referring to them coming from different worlds (Tellius and Ylisse).

Anyway, “Summer Passing” will arrive on 18th June 2020 (UTC). In this summoning event, Lute will also be a part of the 4-star focus category. Also, Summoners can snag Mia’s partner, Rhys: Gentle Basker, in the upcoming Tempest Trials+ event.

For a text breakdown of the Heroes’ abilities, please continue on…

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