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Heroes: Banner for Heroes with Luna!

You can now summon from a new skill-based banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Heroes with Luna banner features Bow Hinoka, Fallen Celica and Mia as 5★ focus units.

These Heroes all possess the Luna ability as their Special Skill. Luna resolves combat as if the enemy suffered a 50% penalty to their Defense and Resistance stats when it activates. It’s a powerful ability and the wielders on this banner make good use of it.

The banner will be around until 16 July, giving you almost two weeks to save up some Orbs. However, keep in mind a teaser for the next Special Heroes banner will be released soon! You may want to wait and see what new Heroes will be coming on 10 July.

Heroes: New Banner for Heroes with Death Blow!

Another skill-based banner is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Try your luck at the Heroes with Death Blow Banner for a chance at Sword Reinhardt, Siegbert, or Delthea.

These three 5★-exclusive heroes come with the useful A skill Death Blow. Either train them up to use them yourself, or you can pass their skills onto other units. The Heroes with Death Blow banner will be around for close to two weeks, ending on 6 July.

Additionally, the game has acknowledged a bug with the new skill Infantry Rush that comes with Summer Noire. Currently, the skill affects all units, ally and enemy alike, that fit the spacing requirements. Heroes will be fixing the bug in “the next few days”, and all players will receive compensation Orbs for the issue.

Heroes: New Power Summoning Focus!

A new banner is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Try your luck on the New Power Summoning Focus for a 5★ Young Tiki, Adult Tiki, Linde, or Merric.

All four of these heroes received a boost in the recent Version 2.6 Update. Both Tiki gained access to a new weapon: Breath of Fog. Additionally, you can further upgrade Breath of Fog, as well as Linde’s Aura and Merric’s Excalibur, in the Weapon Refinery. Check out more details about the refinements in our article about the update.

The New Power Summoning Focus will be around for about two weeks, ending on 23 June.

This banner is actually the last event mentioned in the current May & June Event Calendar. As a result, we don’t quite know what will be coming next in the game, aside from the new Tap Battle on Monday and the Linus GHB on Tuesday. Hopefully this means we’ll get a new calendar soon!

Heroes: Banner for Heroes with Stance Skills!

It’s time for the next skill-based banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Heroes with Stance Skills banner contains 5★ focus units for Zelgius, Female Morgan, and Shiro.

All three of these units have a “Stance” skill in their A slot. These skills give their user stat bonuses based on who initiates combat. Zelgius has Fierce Stance, Morgan Mirror Stance, and Shiro Steady Stance. You can either train these units up to use these great skills, or pass them onto other units.

The Heroes with Stance Skills banner will be around for two weeks, ending on 10 June. Have fun adding some new heroes onto your team! However, don’t forget that the next Legendary Hero event will also be arriving soon. According to the calendar, it will start on 30 May, and we’ll likely get a trailer sometime before then.

In the meantime, good luck working your way through Tempest Trials+!