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Heroes: Solo Skills banner ft. Mareeta, Perceval, and Yarne is released, next Formas are revealed, and Resplendent Hector is coming after Eliwood!

Starting today until the 2nd of May, the Heroes with Solo Skills banner is live!

Mareeta, Perceval, and Yarne are the three focus units for this banner.

The next Hall of Forms team was revealed, and they are set to be Brave Roy, Valentines Lilina, Thea, and Winter Cecilia!

The next HoF event is set to begin on the 26th of April and it will run until the 10th of May.

Finally, the next Resplendent Hero who is set to release on the 10th of May after Resplendent Eliwood (who will be available from the 25th of April until the 10th of May) is Resplendent Hector: General of Ostia. You can view the art by clicking on “Read more” below.

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Heroes: Chill Skills banner and Mjölnir’s Strike Shield Phase are live!

Today’s FE Heroes news update brings us a new Heroes with Chill Skills banner, featuring Sue, Hubert and Kliff.

The banner is available to summon on from today until the 1st of February 6:59am UTC.

Also today: Mjolnir’s Strike Shield Phase is live for today only.

Take down the enemies trying to destroy your gates, earn your score and rise through the ranks to earn those Divine Codes which don’t yet have a use.

Heroes: New Heroes with Link Skills Banner is Live!

A new skill-based banner is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Heroes with Link Skills banner for your shot at Kaden, Nina, or Adrift Camilla.

All three of these heroes come with a type of Link Passive skill in their B slot. Link Passives grant bonuses to the ally and their target based on the use of Movement assist skills. You can either use these heroes themselves or pass their skills onto another hero!

The Heroes with Link Skills banner will be around for a bit over a week, ending on 9 December.

Additionally, a new series of Rival Domains maps started today! We also still have the Voting Gauntlet, Mythic Hero battles, and Tap Battle going on currently.

Heroes: Distant Counter banner and Mini Acrylics Vol. 15 are here!

Today’s FE Heroes news brings us a skill banner: “Heroes with Distant Counter“!

Nagi, Male Byleth, and Nailah are the three focus units. First summon is free as usual, so try your luck. The banner is available from today until the 30th of November 6:59am UTC.

Volume 15 of the Mini Acrylic Figure Collection is upon us.

Within this set are 10 new characters to add to your collection: Edelgard, Lloyd, Linus, Nah, Cynthia, Oboro, Dimitri, Claude, Lukas (Picnic alt.), and a secret 10th character. Looks like some dude with ears and a tail.

You can check in occasionally to your favourite retailers as stocks begin to roll in.