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Heroes: Threaten Spd Summoning Focus & New Arena Assault Quests!

Another new banner is live in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Heroes with Threaten Spd Summoning Focus contains 5★ versions of Jaffar, Shanna, and Takumi. All three units get the full version of the skill at 5★.

This skill-based banner is lasting longer than previous ones and will end on 20 October at 6:59am UTC. This change may indicate that Heroes is switching to a cleaner schedule for new banners. If so, we could expect to see a new banner every Friday, with new heroes alternating with skill-based or otherwise repeat banners.

Additionally, new Weekly Arena Assault quests begin today! Earn yourself one Orb, 10,000 Universal Crystals, and 1,000 Hero Feathers for winning multiple AA runs in a row. These quests run in tandem with the Daily AA quests and will be available for the next two weeks. A list of the new quests can be found below.

UPDATE: The Arena bugs have been fixed! Reload the app or go to the title screen to download a small update that should fix the error. @FE_Heroes_JP Has said that apology Orbs will be awarded in the future for the error.

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Heroes: Death Blow Summoning Focus & Daily Training Tower Quests!

The latest skill-based banner is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Heroes with Death Blow Summoning Focus contains three 5★ units with the coveted Death Blow skill: Effie, Klein, and Hawkeye.

The new banner will be around for about two weeks, ending on 3 October at 6:59am UTC.

Additionally, Daily Training Tower Quests are back! These quests reward you with Crystals, Dueling Crests, and Hero Feathers for completing battles in the Tower. The quests reset daily, so make sure to do them often! They’ll be around until 2 October.

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Heroes: Threaten Def Summoning Focus, Double EXP & SP Event, & September Schedule!

The Fire Emblem Heroes anniversary event may have ended in August, but there’s still a lot of new events happening in the game! Today starts a new skill-based banner: Heroes with Threaten Def Summoning Focus. Do your best to summon 5★ versions of Ephraim, Peri, and Raven!

The new banner will be available for about two weeks, ending on 18 September at 6:59am UTC.

Another Heroes event also starts today: Double EXP & SP Event! Your heroes will earn twice as much EXP and SP from defeating enemies in all the various maps. This is a great time to train up new units! Do note that the double SP gains do not stack with the Double SP weekends. This event will last through 11 September.

Additionally, Heroes has released an event schedule for the entirety of September. Click on the image for a larger version, or read on below for a text breakdown.

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Heroes: Heroes with Blade Skills Banner + Daily Training Tower Quests!

A new skill-focused banner has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summoning Focus Heroes with Blade Skills contains 5★ versions of all three blade tome wielders: Tharja, Odin, and Nino.

Rauðrblade, Blarblade, and Gronnblade are very useful magical weapons. Stat buffs applied to the hero wielding one of these tomes add an extra point onto their damage! You can use these characters with their own tomes or use Skill Inheritance to pass them onto another tome-wielding unit.

This new banner will be available until 4 September at 6:59am UTC. Good luck summoning some new units for your teams!

Additionally, a new series of quests is now available! The Daily Training Tower Quests rewards you with Crystals, Dueling Crests, and Hero Feathers for competing in the Training Tower. These quests refresh every day, so make sure you complete them daily! They will be available until 8 September. Check out below for more details.

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