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Heroes: New Power Banner with Corrin, Clair, and Camilla!

Another Weapon Refinery banner is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summon from the latest New Power Banner for a shot at three 5★ heroes: Male Corrin, Clair, and Camilla.

All three of these heroes got weapon upgrades with the recent Version 2.5 Update. Clair and Camilla each get their own unique weapon. All three weapons can now be further upgraded in the refinery as well. Check out our earlier article for full upgrade details.

The New Power Banner will be available for a little over a week, ending on 27 May.

Additionally, pre-registration is now open for the next upcoming edition of Grand Conquests! To pre-register yourself, head to the Events menu and tap on the giant button; you can’t miss it.

Grand Conquests is also changing up slightly from its previous iterations. Enemy brigades will have 40 units instead of 20, same as Rival Domains. There are also some UI changes and improvements regarding map effects. Check out the Notifications screen for full details.

Moreover, Lunatic and Infernal difficulty modes will now require unlocking. You’ll have to reach GC Tiers 4 and 8, respectively, to access either mode. As such, it’ll be a bit harder to move up the tiers in the early stages of the event. This latest Grand Conquest will begin tomorrow, 17 May, four hours after reset.

Finally, Extra Stages have begun to appear in Tap Battle! One stage is available today, and more stages will appear every day throughout the length of the event. Don’t forget to play daily to keep earning your rewards!

Heroes: Countering Weapon Skills Banner!

A new summoning focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summon from the Countering Weapon Skills Banner for your shot at three 5★ focus units: Ryoma, Nowi, and Dorcas.

All three of these heroes have a weapon with Distant Counter built in! As such, they can counterattack foes from both 1 and 2 range. Additionally, Dorcas and Ryoma are 5★ exclusive, so now is a great opportunity for a better chance to summon them!

The Countering Weapon Skills Banner will be available until 6:59am UTC on Tuesday, 15 May.

Meanwhile, Golden Week Grand Conquests is still going strong! The first round just ended and Round 2 will begin in about four hours. A new batch of quests is also available for players to earn a few more Conquest Lances and other items. The third and final round will begin on Sunday.

Heroes: Banner for Heroes with Combat Boosts!

It’s time for another skill-based banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! Let’s take a quick look at the new Heroes with Combat Boosts banner.

This banner contains 5★ focus units for Ayra, Sonya, and Brave Lyn. Each of these heroes comes with a skill that boosts stats when the user initiates combat, either Swift Sparrow or Mirror Strike. They’re also powerful allies in their own right, so either add them to your team, or pass their skills on!

The Heroes with Combat Boosts banner will be around for over a week, ending on 3 May.

In the meantime, best of luck battling your way through the Tempest Trials+! Don’t forget, today also gives us a new Blessed Garden map, and yesterday a new Rival Domains began as well.

Heroes: Heroes with Miracle Banner + Legendary Hero: Robin!

The latest skill-based banner is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summon from the Heroes with Miracle Banner for your shot at a 5★ focus units for Sigurd, Delthea, and Mist.

The Heroes with Miracle Banner will be around for about a week and a half, ending on 7 April at 6:59am UTC.

Additionally, we now have a trailer for the next upcoming Legendary Hero. Say hello to Robin: Fell Vessel! She’s a Earth Legendary flying unit equipped with Colorless Breath and some new skills. Watch her in action in the trailer here. You can also check out a breakdown of her skills and abilities below.

Her special banner begins tomorrow, and as usual, it has an 8% 5★ summoning rate with no pity breakers! The other special 5★ available in this banner are: Legendary Ike, Halloween Nowi, Zelgius, Fjorm, Brave Lucina, Lute, Gunnthrá, Summer Elise, Summer Tiki, Halloween Sakura, and Brave Lyn.

Prepare your Orbs! This banner is only around for a short time and will end on 3 April at 6:59am UTC.

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