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Heroes: Fierce Stance skill banner is live!

Today’s Heroes daily reset brings us a new banner: Heroes with Fierce Stance.

Focus units on this banner include Zelgius, OG Dorcas, and female Kana.

The banner is available to summon from until the 7th of October, 6:59am UTC.

Also today: Two new Tactics Drills! One for Skill Studies and one for Grandmaster, titled “Dragon’s Dream Dance” and “Black Fang’s Snarl” respectively.

Heroes: “Heroes with Bonfire” banner now live!

Today’s Fire Emblem Heroes content drop is a banner containing Heroes with Bonfire!

OG Myrrh, Nah and Idunn are the focus Heroes here. An overall great banner with powerful units, so it’s understandable if you want to sploodge your Orbs on this banner. However there is that new Heroes banner coming out tomorrow too, so the choice is yours.

It is available to summon from until the 26th of September, 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: 2018 re-run banner and GHB info, new Royalty Convenes, and more!

Today’s daily banner rerun is Heroes with Fortress Skills, and the bi-daily GHB rerun is Aversa.

The banner features OG Lukas, OG Innes, and Kliff.

The GHB will be swapped out on the 24th of August, 6:59am UTC. Grab your extra copy of Aversa before it disappears!

Today is also the third and final release in the series of videos featuring the newest brave Heroes. This episode of Royalty Convenes is called “To a Brighter Future.”

You can watch the Japanese version here.

It has been revealed that the next Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon will be coming soon.

This one is called Brave Heroes, with the theme revolving around Brave Heroes – old and new. and will begin on the 24th of August, 7:00am UTC.

Finally for today: A new Tactics Drills for you to challenge! This one is under Skill Studies, and features two of the four new Brave Heroes: Alm and Micaiah.

Heroes: BHB Revival, daily banner, incoming Røkkr Sieges, and new Royalty Convenes video!

Today’s Heroes news begins with a Bound Hero Battle Revival.

BHBR: Elincia & Nephenee is available to challenge from today until the 31st of August, 6:59am UTC. Earn up to 9 Orbs by completing the BHB in all difficulties (if you haven’t already), and a further 5 Orbs by completing the accompanying quests.

As stated in the title of this post, there is now a part 2 posted by the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel of Royalty Convenes, titled “Walking with the People.”

The four CYL3 winners discuss their previous connections and experiences with common-folk before they reached their current positions in royalty. You can watch the Japanese version here.

Click on “Read more” for information on today’s daily 2018 banner re-run and information on changes to the upcoming Røkkr Sieges.

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