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Heroes: Heroes with Vantage Banner!

Another skill-based banner is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Heroes with Vantage Banner for your chance at Ishtar, Sword Reinhardt, or Mia.

All three of these heroes come with the B skill Vantage. This skill allows them to attack before their enemy if their HP is below a certain threshold. Additionally, all three of these heroes are 5★ exclusive, so they’re difficult to pull in their own right.

The Heroes with Vantage Banner will be available until 2 December. Best of luck pulling a good unit to add to your team!

Heroes: Version 2.9 Update + Heroes with Fury Banner!

The next version update is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Load up the game to begin downloading and installing the Version 2.9 Update. If Heroes does not download the update automatically, you can grab it manually from the Play Store or App Store.

The Version 2.9 Update brings some really cool stuff! Most notably, we’ll now have access to Combat Manuals for skill inheritance and barracks organization. We also get some new Weapon Refinery updates, and we’ll also have a new game mode, Relay Defense, starting this weekend! Read on down below for full details on everything.

Additionally, a new skill-based banner starts up today! Spend some Orbs on the Heroes with Fury banner for your chance at 5★ versions of Myrrh, Eldigan, and Chrom: Knight Exalt. All three of these heroes come with the A skill Fury, a powerful skill that boosts your stats in exchange for a small amount of damage after combat.

The Heroes with Fury banner will be around for about a week and a half, ending on 16 September.

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Heroes: Banner for Heroes with Healing Skills & 1st Grounds of Water Battle!

A new summoning focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Heroes with Healing Skills banner for your shot at Leif, L’Arachel, or Olwen: Righteous Knight.

Each of these heroes comes with a skill that helps them maintain their own HP. Both Olwen and L’Arachel have Renewal. Leif comes with the unique skill S Drink, which restores his HP to full at the start of every map. It’s perfect for long battles of multiple maps, like Chain Challenges or Tempest Trials!

The banner for Heroes with Healing Skills will end next week on 6 September.

Additionally, prepare your Water-blessed units for the first ever Grounds battle in Blessed Gardens! The Grounds of Water features two consecutive battles that you must complete with two different teams. Every hero you use must either be a Water-type Legendary Hero (Fjorm or Ryoma), or have a Water Blessing conferred to them.

The first Grounds of Water battle is Lunatic difficulty. It grants 1 Wind Blessing and also 2,000 Hero Feathers upon completion. It will never disappear, so you can take your time to complete it if necessary.

Heroes: Banner for Heroes with Draconic Aura!

Two new skill-based banners have just arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! First up is the brand new Heroes with Draconic Aura banner. Spend some Orbs for your shot at 5★ Karla, Ares, or Female Kana.

Each of these heroes comes with the powerful Special skill Draconic Aura. Either train them up to use the heroes themselves, or pass the skill on to another hero you like! The banner will be around for a bit over a week, ending on 26 August.

Additionally, today is the last day for the main portion of Feh’s Summer Celebration! The final daily banner just started, containing 5★ focus units for Eldigan, Minerva, and Jaffar. We also get Part 2 of the Log-In Bonus starting today, for another 20 Orbs. It’s also the final day for the EXP/SP boost, so make sure to complete your hero training!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed Feh’s summer event! Make sure to check out the summer quiz site every day as well so you can earn some more orbs.