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Fire Emblem Heroes: Skill Inheritance and Orb Quests are Here

The wild ride through Fire Emblem Heroes and their constant updates isn’t slowing down, and today indicates one of the biggest updates of them all. We’re fortunate to have been around long enough to enjoy the Launch Celebration events, but with them coming to a close, Orbs might be running scarce for Summoners. Not to worry, however, as Nintendo has given us 17 days to earn 36 orbs via 12 “Training Tower Special Quests” to earn!

Some of the challenges may prove harder than others, as all 12 Quests require that in each instance, all four deployed allies must survive. If you lack a unit type for some of the Tenth Stratum quests (easily the most intense, as each requires deploying four Infantry, Armor, Cavalry or Flying units), you can still enjoy 24 orbs plus 3 for any that you’re able to do. Curiously, the Ninth Stratum doesn’t include any rewards.

Of course, we can’t avoid the elephant in the room. The most game-changing element of the update is the one thing has been drawing hype and tension from players since its announcement weeks ago…

Skill Inheritance is officially live, and before you start freaking out about the oodles of Vantage-equipped Takumi stuffed teams filling the Arena, here’s what you need to know about Skill Inheritance so you don’t give yourself any more stress than you might already have.

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Heroes: Skill Inheritance & Voting Gauntlet Updates

The new “Inherit Skill” feature will be coming soon to Fire Emblem Heroes! The planned release is scheduled for next week on Thursday, March 16th.

Updates posted to the @FE_Heroes_JP Twitter account give us some further details regarding how skill inheritance will work.

  • Up to 3 skills can be inherited from each Hero. (From an earlier update, we learned that you need to sacrifice a Hero to inherit their skills.)
  • Inherited skills will start off as unlearned.
  • Learning inherited skills costs 1.5 times the usual amount of SP.
  • Exclusive skills such as Falchion cannot be inherited. Some skills cannot be inherited due to weapon-type or movement-type restrictions. (We knew this already.)

Additionally, new rewards have been added to the Voting Gauntlet in celebration of its success. Two new reards tiers have been unveiled for 8 billion and 10 billion total points earned. Currently, Heroes players have already earned a whopping 6 billion points for their armies!

Today is the last day for the first round of the gauntlet, so make sure to win lots of battles for your chosen Hero’s army!