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Fire Emblem Engage Original Soundtrack Releasing 20th March 2024

Similar to previous games, a soundtrack for Fire Emblem Engage will be released on 20th March 2024, 14 months after the game launched.

It contains all of the main game and DLC’s music across 7 disks, plus a bonus disk with extended versions of tracks (looped twice) and all of the wake up conversations.

Also, the soundtrack features a new illustration by Mika Pikazo, the game’s artist, shown above.

Pre-orders for the soundtrack are available at Intelligent System’s web store. You may also find it at the usual import stores like AmiAmi and CDJapan.

Information for the soundtrack, including a full track list, can be found via their website. (A translated track list is provided at the end of this article.)

Standard Edition

Retailing for 8,250 Yen (tax included), the standard edition includes:

  • 7 CDs containing all of the music from the main game and DLC, plus the opening and ending themes.
  • 1 data DVD containing sound effects, all wake up conversations and a selection of twice-looped songs.
  • Digistack case with a new illustration by Mika Pikazo.
  • Clear three-sided case.
  • Full colour 20-page booklet.

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Merchandise: Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Soundtrack Announced!

Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo have announced the release of an original soundtrack (OST) for FE Warriors Three Hopes.

The soundtrack contains 118 tracks split between 4 disks and will release on 22nd March 2023, retailing at 4,950 Yen (with tax).

This is quite significant because the original FE Warriors did not get a complete soundtrack release, although there was a soundtrack included with the special edition containing most of the soundtrack.

Additionally, this news quashes any lingering hope of DLC for Three Hopes. Typically, Fire Emblem soundtracks are released once all the DLC is complete, in case the DLC features new music.

To be fair, Three Hopes is largely feature complete and a similar crossover, Persona 5 Strikers, had minimal DLC. Also, while there was a fair amount of unused data in Three Hopes, it was on the level of previous games in the series.

Anyway, full track list is below:

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Merchandise: Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary Memorial Box

Today is the 5th Anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes. As well as various in-game celebrations, Intelligent Systems will be releasing a jam-packed 5th Anniversary Memorial Box in Japan on 31st August 2022.

The box includes a 4-disk soundtrack, set of 7 art sheets, a chibi Heroes sticker book and a Feh plush smartphone stand. It’ll cost 16,500 Yen (including tax). Pre-orders are open now until 31st March 2022.

Original Soundtrack

Design pending (obviously).

The soundtrack contains 78 pieces of original music used in FE Heroes, split among 3 disks. These include the music that appears in the opening movies, plus the Japanese and English version of “Flower of Ice”.

The 4th disk is a DVD with 10 hours of music from past Fire Emblem games that also appear in FE Heroes.

Also comes with a full colour 8-page booklet.

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Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions English Version Now Out & Soundtrack News!

A heads up for strategy RPG fans (that should be you, right?). The English version of Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions is now available to purchase on Steam. This is the game that Mr. Kaga–“father” of Fire Emblem–and his team created in their spare time.

By this point, we probably don’t need to tell you more about the game. But if you’re unsure, feel free to browse through our news archives.

In addition, the publishers have released Vestaria Saga I Soundtrack PIANO ARRANGEMENT & 8-BIT MUSIC VERSION, which is a selection of 11 8-bit arrangements from the CD plus 5 brand new piano arrangements and their original versions. For a total of 21 tracks.

This can be purchased as a bundle with the game or separately as DLC. However, you must own the game to purchase it. Also, the piano arrangements (and original versions) are not available yet and will be added once they’re completed.

On their Twitter account, Mr. Saitoh, who composed for the game (as well as Kaga’s previous game, Berwick Saga), mentions that he’s up for composing more tracks if there’s enough demand.

Furthermore, for the first time, the Vestaria Saga I Original Soundtrack has been released outside of Japan! The soundtrack contains 70 tracks from the game. Also, this version will come with a 4-page English booklet.

You can order the soundtrack internationally via this page. It retails for 3,400 Yen.

Thanks to @theprinceofiris for the heads up!