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Heroes: Ver. 3.8.0 update is live, and more!

FE Heroes Ver.3.8.0 lands today (check your Google Play/App Store if your game didn’t auto-update)!

A quick overview of what is included with this news update:

  • Aether Raids update.
  • New event: Lost Lore will begin on the 13th of August.
  • New weapons skills/refines for Selena, Boey, Beruka and Mae.
  • Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails: Cynthia: Hero Chaser, and Ylgr: Breaking the Ice.
  • New Special Quests: Dark Blessing Quests
  • GHB re-run: Takumi: Empty Vessel
  • Daily summoning event: Heroes with Combat Boosts

To read up specifics on the Aether Raids update, the new Lost Lore event that is coming soon, the Dark Blessings quests, the GHB re-run and today’s daily summoning event, click on “Read more” below.

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Heroes: Coliseum Special Quests are now available!

Coliseum Quests are up and ready to give rewards for playing Arena, Arena Assault, and Allegiance Battles!

You can earn Universal Crystals, Stamina Potions, Arena Crests, Feathers and Orbs for completing these quests. There are three difficulty levels of quests beginning with Normal, then Hard, and finally Lunatic difficulty will unlock as previous difficulties are completed.

The quests are available from today and will come to a close on the 1st of August, 6:59am UTC.

Today’s Thursday, so that means new Tactics Drills.

The new challenge is Grandmaster difficulty, titled “The Path to Victory.” Take control of four certain blue-haired Lords and rout the enemy.

Heroes: Hero Spotlight Quests now available

Today in Heroes, a bunch of quests have been released based around Corrin: Fateful Prince.

You must use Corrin to complete certain tasks to earn rewards, such as an Orb, some Feathers, some Stamina Potions, a copy of a 3-Star Corrin: Fateful prince and a bunch of red and universal Shards and Crystals.

The quests are available from today until the 17th of July, 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: Sword Arts Special Quests now available!

A small update for Heroes today: Special Quests: Sword Arts are now available.

Complete the quests to earn rewards, including Orbs, Arena Medals and Universal Crystals.

The quests begin today, and will come to an end on the 28th of June, 6:59am UTC.