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Heroes: A Splendid Soiree Trailer Dropped, Incoming Dancers September 6



Japanese Trailer can be viewed here.

The batch features four Dancer units, much like last year’s event. This time around, we have focus on units from games not found on the Game Boy Advance or Switch, but the Gamecube and SNES, with a second alts of Reinhardt and Berkut, first alts of Nephenee and Ishtar, and grand arrival of Rinea, a very popular unit in the fanbase.

One personal thing I love, is the reference to Nephenee using a bow in this event, back to her dialogue from Path of Radiance. Thanks, /u/Eirikafeh from Reddit, for posting up the screenshot that I totally wasn’t able to quickly grab!

There will of course be a Paralogue series to go along with the event, granting Orbs via completion of map and also Lunatic quest completion. There is also an announced Tempest Trials+ event coming up, kicking off soon. The free unit this time around, as a Tempest Trials+ reward unit, is Berkut’s lovely lady, Rinea: Reminiscent Belle. The banner itself runs from September 6 until October 7.

For more details on the units and their skills, click Read More.

Additionally, a new series of Armored Strike quests is now available! Complete various challenges using Armored units to earn Dragonflowers and other rewards. You can see full details in game.

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