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Heroes: Spring Festival Now Live

Starting today, the first seasonal Fire Emblem Heroes event–the Spring Festival–is underway. During this event, players can try to summon Easter-themed versions of Chrom, Lucina, Xander and Camilla.

Accompanying these “new” Heroes are a set of 3 Paralogues, offering a total of 9 Orbs if beaten on all difficulties, as well as timed Spring Festival quests (including one which provides a bonus 2 Orbs).

The Easter-themed Heroes and timed quests are set to expire during 14th April 2017 at 6:59 UTC. In particular, the special Heroes will only be available during this event (at least for this current year), so good luck if you’re egg-hunting!

Aside from the festivities, plucky data-miners have discovered a new Voting Gauntlet for April, which you can read about and discuss over here. The March Voting Gauntlet was a lot of silly fun, so here’s hoping the next one will also be a good one!

Heroes: Egg-citing Spring Festival Banner Event

Barely any time passed at all since Fire Emblem Heroes teased an incoming banner to us, but between the seemingly unintentional Tweet by @NintendoOfAmerica (now removed) and same-day posting of their latest video, fans have some holiday units to expect in the upcoming Spring Festival Banner.

Summoners should expect to spot some variants of currently existing Heroes in the Focus, including an Easter-themed Chrom, Lucina, Xander and Camilla, all of which wielding unexpected weaponry. Chrom and Xander can be spotted toting their carrot-based Axe and Lance (respectively).

Lucina enters the battle with her Blue Tome and most surprising of all, Camilla with her Green Tome. This is pretty special, as Camilla is now the first flying unit to boast a two-range method of offense.

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