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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Seliph & Julia + Scattered Fangs Preview Trailer!

A new special battle event is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare a strong team and head to Special Maps to tackle Bound Hero Battle: Seliph & Julia. The BHB also has an associated banner containing 5★ focus units for Seliph, Julia, and Deirdre.

As usual, you can complete the BHB in three difficulties to earn up to 9 Orbs! Be careful, however, as all of your units need to survive the map. Bound Hero Battle: Seliph & Julia and its associated banner will be available for about a week, ending on on 12 June.

Additionally, Heroes has shared a preview trailer for the next new banner, Scattered Fangs! It contains three new units from Blazing Sword, including two new characters, Karla and Legault. The third character is an alt for Nino, now a flying green mage! Check out the trailer here. You can also check further down for a text breakdown of their skills.

The new banner comes out this Friday, 8 June. A new story chapter, “The King’s Demise” will also be arriving that day alongside the banner. Furthermore, according to the Notification Screen, a new Grand Hero Battle featuring Linus will begin on 12 June.

Most interesting, a shot of the new story chapter also shows another new FE7 character, Canas. Perhaps we’ll be getting him soon via another method? We’re nearing the end of the current Event Calendar, so we don’t quite know what events will be coming next that could reward a new unit. It could be another TT, or even another GC unit reward like Kaze.

From left to right: Ursula, Legault, Surtr, Canas, Flying Nino

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Heroes: Legendary Heroes – Ryoma Summoning Event!

A new Legendary Hero just landed in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the latest Legendary Heroes – Ryoma Summoning Focus for your shot at a special, flying Ryoma. You can check out his skills and preview trailer in our earlier article.

11 other 5★ heroes are joining Ryoma in this special banner, including winter special heroes! They are: Young Tiki, Sigurd, Fjorm, Hardin, Christmas Robin, Gunnthrá, Christmas Chrom, New Years Azura, Legendary Robin, Innes, and New Years Takumi. You have an 8% chance of pulling a 5★ and there are no off-focus units.

Additionally, Legendary Ryoma appears as the boss for a series of Special Maps. Defeat all four versions of Supreme Samurai Ryoma for a Water Blessing and also 9 Orbs! These maps are similar to BHBs where all four of your allies must survive.

The Legendary Heroes – Ryoma banner and Ryoma’s special maps will be available for about a week, ending on 7 June. Good luck summoning new heroes to add to your team!

Legendary Ryoma will return in late July, as will Legendary Lyn. Meanwhile, Legendary versions of Ike, Ephraim, and Robin will appear in the next Legendary Hero Summoning Event at the end of June. Based on this information, we can assume the next Legendary Hero will likely be a Green unit, and also probably a Fire-blessed Legendary Hero.

Heroes: Banner for Heroes with Stance Skills!

It’s time for the next skill-based banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Heroes with Stance Skills banner contains 5★ focus units for Zelgius, Female Morgan, and Shiro.

All three of these units have a “Stance” skill in their A slot. These skills give their user stat bonuses based on who initiates combat. Zelgius has Fierce Stance, Morgan Mirror Stance, and Shiro Steady Stance. You can either train these units up to use these great skills, or pass them onto other units.

The Heroes with Stance Skills banner will be around for two weeks, ending on 10 June. Have fun adding some new heroes onto your team! However, don’t forget that the next Legendary Hero event will also be arriving soon. According to the calendar, it will start on 30 May, and we’ll likely get a trailer sometime before then.

In the meantime, good luck working your way through Tempest Trials+!

Heroes: Original Bridal Blessings Banner is Back!

Coming as a complete surprise to everyone, the Original Bridal Blessings Banner returned to Heroes today! Spend your Orbs to summon special 5★ bride versions of Caeda, Charlotte, Lyn, and Cordelia.

All four brides originally joined Heroes in the Bridal Blessings banner last June. Many players speculated that the banner would return for the upcoming Voting Gauntlet, similar to how the original Spring Heroes returned in March. Instead, this implies that next week’s Gauntlet may feature a different theme.

Additionally, we can assume that all of last year’s seasonal heroes will return at some point this year in their own banners. This is excellent news for players who were unable to score these heroes previously.

The Original Bridal Blessings Banner will be around for close to a month, ending on 21 June.