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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim & Eirika, New Artwork, & Flier Retweet Promotion!

A new battle event is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can challenge Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim & Eirika in the Special Maps menu. There’s also a new, matching banner wherein you can summon 5★ versions of Ephraim, Eirika, and Seth.

You can fight the Bound Hero Battle in up to three different difficulties and earn up to nine Orbs! Like previous iterations, all of your allies must survive the map in order to win. Both the BHB and its associated banner will be available until 13 September.

Additionally, we now have new Heroes artwork for Nephenee and the Black Knight! As of a few hours ago, you can fight both characters in the Quick Hero Battle mini-game.

There has been no official word on how we’ll see them in the game, but it will likely be soon. The most popular current theory is that they will appear in the upcoming Tempest Trials later this month. The title of the Trial, “Moment of Fate” is the same as the chapter title when Ike confronts the Black Knight in Path of Radiance.

Finally, @FE_Heroes_JP has started a new Flier-based Retweet promotion!

All Heroes players are encouraged to retweet the individual tweet images for either Est, Catria, Palla, or Narcian. The character with the most retweets by 11 September will be given out at a 4★ hero for all players! So either retweet your favourite character, or whichever one you’d most like to have in-game.


Heroes: Tempest Trials Mini: To Die on the Battlefield Details & Banner!

A new event is coming soon in Fire Emblem Heroes! A special, smaller version of the Tempest Trials is about to begin: Tempest Trials Mini: To Die on the Battlefield. The title is likely a reference to Hector from Blazing Sword, as he accepts his fate to die in battle when he chooses to claim the legendary axe Armads.

A new Summoning Focus for the Trials is already available! In this banner, you can summon 5★ versions of important characters from Blazing Sword: Eliwood, Hector, Lyn, and Ninian.

As expected, all four of these characters will be 40% Bonus Allies within the Tempest Trials themselves. Ursula, Lloyd, Masked Lucina, and Anna will also be available for use as 20% Bonus Allies.

Additionally, Heroes has shared some further news about the Mini Tempest Trials and what changes we can expect. The event will run for a shorter period of time than previous Trials, and rewards will be easier to earn. At least some rewards will also be repeats from previous events. For example, you can earn a 5★ Masked Lucina at 15,000 points.

Tempest Trials Mini: To Die on the Battlefield starts this Friday, 8 September, and lasts only a single week. Both the event and its associated banner will end on 15 September at 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: Threaten Def Summoning Focus, Double EXP & SP Event, & September Schedule!

The Fire Emblem Heroes anniversary event may have ended in August, but there’s still a lot of new events happening in the game! Today starts a new skill-based banner: Heroes with Threaten Def Summoning Focus. Do your best to summon 5★ versions of Ephraim, Peri, and Raven!

The new banner will be available for about two weeks, ending on 18 September at 6:59am UTC.

Another Heroes event also starts today: Double EXP & SP Event! Your heroes will earn twice as much EXP and SP from defeating enemies in all the various maps. This is a great time to train up new units! Do note that the double SP gains do not stack with the Double SP weekends. This event will last through 11 September.

Additionally, Heroes has released an event schedule for the entirety of September. Click on the image for a larger version, or read on below for a text breakdown.

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Heroes: Brave Heroes Summoning Focus & CYL Gauntlet + Quick Hero Battles!

Today is a very exciting day in Fire Emblem Heroes! Four new events all start today for Heroes players to enjoy. First up is the long-awaited Brave Heroes Summoning Focus! Try your best to summon 5★ Brave variants of the four most-popular heroes: Roy, Lucina, Lyn, and Ike. Our earlier article provides a breakdown of their special abilities.

For the first time ever, all players can also pick one of these four heroes completely for free! You can also earn more Orbs to summon more heroes in the Brave Heroes Paralogue. Complete all three maps on all difficulties, plus the Lunatic map Quests, and earn up to 12 Orbs for more summoning.

Additionally, the Choose Your Heroes Voting Gauntlet also begins today! Check out our earlier post for the first bracket, or visit the official site here for live updates.. Pick your favourite hero among these eight popular units and help lead them to victory! The first round will end on 2 September at 3:59am UTC.

As usual, you can complete a series of quests to earn additional Battle Flags to help your army. The quests are all the same as in the last gauntlet, which means the Orb and Dueling Crest rewards have also returned!  The quests update with each round.

As part of the event, the CYL Heroes Celebration Log-In Bonus is also available! You can earn 2 Orbs each day, for up to a total of 20 Orbs, by logging in daily from now through 15 September.

Finally, the Quick Hero Battle mini-game has also arrived! Click here to play on your smartphone or other mobile device. You can earn points and defeat special heroes to unlock wallpapers. All Heroes players can also earn Orbs and Hero Feathers based on the grand total number of points earned! Read on below for more details.

Located in the website’s QHB files are sprites for the Black Knight and Nephenee from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. It seems that these heroes may be available in-game soon, perhaps as Grand Hero Battle and Tempest Trials rewards, respectively?

The Brave Legends Summoning Focus and its associated quest will end on 15 September at 6:59am UTC. The Choose Your Legends Voting Gauntlet and its banners and quests will end on 6 September. Quick Hero Battles will be available until 8 September.

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