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Heroes: Upcoming Ver. 3.4.0 details, including new weapon refines

In the wake of the most recent Feh Channel, more information regarding the upcoming version update has been released.

Version 3.4.0 will contain the following additions and changes:

  • Changes to Heroes appearing in Summoning Events
  • New mode: Aether Resort
  • Update size warning
  • New “Pair Up” ability
  • Aether Raids – Expansion on Raiding Parties
  • Aether Raids – Fortress (O) buff for players in Tiers 1 – 12
  • New Weapon Skills and Refines
  • New Heroes via heroic Grails
  • QOL improvements to Merge Allies

You can click on “Read more” to read the details of the above news.

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Heroes: Feh Channel Brings Thracia 776 Units, Revamped Tempest Trials, GHBs, Pool Changes and More!

Today, Feh Channel comes to us live, from Nifl of all places.

As one could expect, Feh introduces us to the concept of what’s going on…a traditional news update, to let us know about new incoming events, heroes and more. What we got this time, features four orbs worth of highlights to cover, and there’s a lot packed into these four topics to cover.

Let’s dive right in!

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