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Heroes: Info for Version 6.2.0, Arriving 6~7th February 2022

We have additional details for the next Fire Emblem Heroes version update, Version 6.2.0, scheduled for 6th or 7th February 2022, depending on your timezone.

During the 5th anniversary Feh Channel, they shared many details for this version update. However, they did skip a few things, such as the new weapon refines, etc.

Weapon Refinery

The following Heroes will receive new weapon skills and/or upgrade options…

New weapon skills (and refines)

  • Tome of Reason – Lugh
  • Bow of Verdane – Jamke
  • Hurricane Dagger – Legault

New weapon refines

  • Gjöll – Hríd
  • Book of Dreams – Dream Camilla
  • Festive Siegmund – Christmas Ephraim
  • Lyfjaberg – Eir

Combat Manuals

Events added after Version 6.2.0 will award Divine Codes (Ephemera 2), which you exchange for the following…

  • 5-star: Valentine’s Mist and Valentine’s Faye
  • 4-star: Stahl, male Morgan, Tatiana, Pirate Lifis and Maria

Summoner Duels S.

Another Summoner Duels event is coming soon. Summoner Duels S. (short for Survival) functions similarly to Summoner Duels R. You can battle to earn Glory until you lose three times and the main rules are the same.

The key difference is that you must build a regiment made of 4 teams, each consisting of 5 Heroes (so a total of 20). These Heroes must have unique names + epithet. Each team may only have one Hero with Sing/Dance and one Hero with the Savior skill.

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Heroes: The Real Feh Channel Arrives, Featuring 30th Anniversary Celebrations, Version 4.4 Info & Big Change to Summoning!

April Fool’s is over, so now the real Feh Channel is here! Unlike the 8-bit warm up from before, it goes over new gameplay features, including a big–and very welcome–change to the summoning system!

Also, it’s not your ears–Feh has a new English voice actress. For the last few years, she was voiced by Kimberly Tierney. However, voice recording has moved from Canada to the USA, so Feh has been re-casted (via Twitter).

30th Anniversary Tie-Ins

Fittingly, the first piece of news is related to the Fire Emblem series’s 30th anniversary, on 20th April 2020. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • 30th Anniversary Log-In Bonus
  • 30th Anniversary Grand Hero Battle Revivals
  • 30th Anniversary Reward Maps
  • Free 5-star Hero: Fire Emblem Leads
  • 30th Anniversary Packs
  • 30th Anniversary Quests
  • Special Heroes Summoning Event
  • Tap Battle: History Unveiled

Feh covered 4 of these in more detail.

30th Anniversary Grand Hero Battle Revivals

12 Grand Hero Battles, representing 12 games from the franchise, will be re-run between 8th April to 1st May.

  • Gharnef (Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light): 8th ~ 9th April
  • Fallen Delthea (Echoes): 10th ~ 11th April
  • Julius (Genealogy of the Holy War): 12th ~ 13th April
  • Kempf (Thracia 776): 14th ~ 15th April
  • Rutger (Binding Blade): 16th ~ 17th April
  • Linus (Blazing Blade): 18th ~ 19th April
  • Lyon (The Sacred Stones): 20th ~ 21st April
  • Naesala (Path of Radiance): 22nd ~ 23rd April
  • Oliver (Radiant Dawn): 24th ~ 25th April
  • Aversa (Awakening): 26th ~ 27th April
  • Garon (Fates): 28th ~ 29th April
  • Death Knight (Three Houses): 30th April ~ 1st May

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Heroes: Upcoming Ver. 3.4.0 details, including new weapon refines

In the wake of the most recent Feh Channel, more information regarding the upcoming version update has been released.

Version 3.4.0 will contain the following additions and changes:

  • Changes to Heroes appearing in Summoning Events
  • New mode: Aether Resort
  • Update size warning
  • New “Pair Up” ability
  • Aether Raids – Expansion on Raiding Parties
  • Aether Raids – Fortress (O) buff for players in Tiers 1 – 12
  • New Weapon Skills and Refines
  • New Heroes via heroic Grails
  • QOL improvements to Merge Allies

You can click on “Read more” to read the details of the above news.

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Heroes: Feh Channel Brings Thracia 776 Units, Revamped Tempest Trials, GHBs, Pool Changes and More!

Today, Feh Channel comes to us live, from Nifl of all places.

As one could expect, Feh introduces us to the concept of what’s going on…a traditional news update, to let us know about new incoming events, heroes and more. What we got this time, features four orbs worth of highlights to cover, and there’s a lot packed into these four topics to cover.

Let’s dive right in!

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