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Heroes: “War of the Tacticians” Voting Gauntlet now on!

With today’s daily reset, a new Voting Gauntlet began. “War of the Tacticians” is on now!

Each of these Heroes are considered to have a level of tactical prowess within their games. Will the victor utterly destroy their opponents, or will the winner drop a tactical Multiplier Bonus at the final hour? This is how the bracket is looking:

Earn a load of Feathers for participating within the event. The higher you rank, the more Feathers you will receive. You can also complete the quests for extra Orbs, Flags, Sacred Coins, and Refining Stones.The event is on from now until the 6th of March, 3:59am UTC, with each of the three rounds lasting 45 hours.

Also today: A fresh Tactics Drills: Grandmaster map, titled “Sacred Stones Strike!”

Feel free to check it out, if you think you’ve got what it takes. Or just copy the strategy from someone who’s already done it. Whatever works for you.