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Heroes: Cynthia Grand Hero Battle available now!

Fire Emblem Awakening’s Cynthia is now available as a reward for clearing her Grand Hero Battle.

Cynthia is a flying lance unit, just like her mother Sumia. As with all GHBs, you can pick up three copies of Cynthia (1 x 3-Star, 2 x 4-Star) by completing all difficulties, plus 2,000 Feathers.

The GHB begins today and will come to a close on the 22nd of June, 6:59am UTC.

Also releasing today is a new Tactics Drills: Skill Studies. Nowi and her daughter Nah must make use of their skills to take on the coming onslaught of enemies. The reward for completion is 1 Orb so be sure to collect it if you’re trying to summon for someone.

Heroes: New Banner: “Heroes with Flier Formation” now active

Today we see the arrival of a new themed banner: “Heroes with Flier Formation.”

The banner features three Heroes with the Flier Formation skill: Leanne: Forest’s Song, Elincia: Lost Princess, and Hinoka: Blue Sky Warrior.

The banner will run until the 16th of June, 6:59am UTC.

Also releasing today is a new Tactics Drills: Grandmaster, titled “As Archers Advance” with 9 phases for completion.

Heroes: Ephraim & Myrrh Bound Hero Battle Revival!

Eirika takes a back seat while Myrrh’s around Ephraim. It’s a Bound Hero Battle Revival: Ephraim & Myrrh!

Ephraim: Restoration Lord and Myrrh: Great Dragon are the main opponents within this challenge. Rewards are 2 x Orbs for beating Hard, 3 x Orbs for Lunatic, and 4 x Orbs for Infernal. Since this is a revival, if you’ve already beaten them before, you can’t earn these rewards again. However, there are new BHB quests for everyone to complete, and doing so will net you up to 5 Orbs.

The BHB begins today and will run until the 25th of April, 6:59am UTC.

Since it’s Thursday, a new Tactics Drills map has been added: “Feline Perimeters” under Skill Studies. Lethe and Ranulf fight together against a hoard of enemies. Make use of their skills and find a way through all the enemies in 5 phases. The reward for completion is 300 Feathers.

Heroes: Information on upcoming Voting Gauntlet, and VG Banner up!

A new Voting Gauntlet titled “Destructive Forces” will begin on the 1st of April, 7:00am UTC. The bracket is shown in the image below.

Gharnef, Julius and Garon are Grand Hero Battle rewards that you can recruit by using Heroic Grails, should you not own one but wish to use them for this VG. The other five are Duma, Hardin, Idunn, Grima (male), and Surtr.

You can click on “Read more” to read on about changes to the Voting Gauntlet, as well as the Voting Gauntlet summoning focus.


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