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Heroes: Hall of Forms event is live!

The latest Fire Emblem Heroes game mode that many of us have been waiting for is now live: Hall of Forms!

Take control of four Heroes and shape them into the Forma you want them to be. You can read all about the details of the mode at the bottom of the 3.10.0 update rundown news post, here.

The mode begins today and will remain active until the 24th of October 6:59am UTC.

Also today: For a second day in a row, we have a new Tactics Drills map called “Black Fang, Certain Death!” to complete in the Grandmaster menu. Good luck!

Heroes: Halloween banner is live, and Harvest Festival Celebration begins!

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Harvest Festival Celebration that was announced in the recent Feh Channel is finally upon us!

To kick it off, we’ve got the 2019 Halloween banner “A Monstrous Harvest” available now to summon from.

Hector (ft. Lilina), L’Arachel, Dozla and Ilyana are wearing the appropriate attire for the upcoming holiday. If you haven’t yet seen what skills they have available, you can go and watch their introduction video here.

Other things that are happening as part of the Harvest Festival Celebration can be viewed if you click on “Read more“.

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Heroes: Cherche & Virion Bound Hero Battle Revival is live!

Today’s daily reset brings with it the revival of an old Bound Hero Battle: Cherche & Virion!

New players get to earn Orbs by defeating each difficulty for the first time, while everyone will get to earn Orbs by completing the accompanying quests. You’ve got until the 12th of October, 6:59am UTC to get everything.

Also today: The weekly addition/s to Tactic Drills! Test your skills and knowledge against this weeks’ new Skill Studies map, titled “One Face, Two Fates.”

Heroes: Fierce Stance skill banner is live!

Today’s Heroes daily reset brings us a new banner: Heroes with Fierce Stance.

Focus units on this banner include Zelgius, OG Dorcas, and female Kana.

The banner is available to summon from until the 7th of October, 6:59am UTC.

Also today: Two new Tactics Drills! One for Skill Studies and one for Grandmaster, titled “Dragon’s Dream Dance” and “Black Fang’s Snarl” respectively.