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Heroes: Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon: Brave Heroes + Gharnef GHB Rerun!

Another new event is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Stretch your fingers and prepare for Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon: Brave Heroes.

Tao your way through each floor and also complete special quests to earn Orbs, Accessories, and more! Additionally, daily quests will be available over the next week for even more goodies!

Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon: Brave Heroes will be around for a little over a month, ending on 28 September. The special quests will end a week earlier on the 21st. The daily quests will refresh each day through 31 August.

Furthermore, the latest Grand Hero Battle rerun is also back for a short time! You have two days to try your hand at beat Gharnef in his special rerun GHB.

Heroes: 2018 re-run banner and GHB info, new Royalty Convenes, and more!

Today’s daily banner rerun is Heroes with Fortress Skills, and the bi-daily GHB rerun is Aversa.

The banner features OG Lukas, OG Innes, and Kliff.

The GHB will be swapped out on the 24th of August, 6:59am UTC. Grab your extra copy of Aversa before it disappears!

Today is also the third and final release in the series of videos featuring the newest brave Heroes. This episode of Royalty Convenes is called “To a Brighter Future.”

You can watch the Japanese version here.

It has been revealed that the next Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon will be coming soon.

This one is called Brave Heroes, with the theme revolving around Brave Heroes – old and new. and will begin on the 24th of August, 7:00am UTC.

Finally for today: A new Tactics Drills for you to challenge! This one is under Skill Studies, and features two of the four new Brave Heroes: Alm and Micaiah.

Heroes: Klein & Clarine BHB Revival, free CYL1 Summon ending, and more

Today in Heroes, we see a revival of the Bound Hero Battle: Klein & Clarine!

If you missed this BHB in the past, you now have a chance to challenge it and claim up to 9 Orbs for defeating difficulties hard through Infernal. There are also quests for you to complete to earn up to an additional 5 Orbs.

This BHB will come to an end on the 3rd of August, 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Ylissean Summer banner Revival is live!

You can count on FE Heroes to let you know what time of the year it is. As expected, the Summer special banners of old are making their appearance once more, starting with the very first: Ylissean Summer.

Within this OG Summer banner is Robin: Seaside Tactician, Tiki: Summering Scion, Frederick: Horizon Watcher, and Gaius: Thief Exposed.

The banner begins today and will be available up until the 26th of July, 6:59am UTC.

Also beginning today is an Illusory Dungeon Encore.

There are a variety of materials to collect for playing, including daily rewards of Feathers and Badges. Newer players who didn’t play the first time will have the chance to pick up the accessories this Tap Battle awards.