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Heroes: New Tap Battle: Kingdom of Hoshido, and new Mini Acrylic Figures revealed!

Welcome to a new day and a new Fire Emblem Heroes news update! Today’supdate beings us a new season of Tap Battle, titled “Kingdom of Hoshido.” and information regarding the upcoming volume 11 of Mini Acrylic Figures.

This round of Tap Battle: Kingdom of Hoshido begins today, and will close on the 10th of January 2019, 6:59AM UTC.

Click on “Read more” for an explanation of the mode, and an image of the upcoming Mini Acrylic Figure set.

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Heroes: Illusory Dungeon: Labyrinth of Despair & GHB Julius Revival!

A new Tap Battle has begun once again in Fire Emblem Heroes! Flex your fingers and head to the Events menu for Illusory Dungeon: Labyrinth of Despair.

For now, you can complete the first 40 floors. A further 20 floors will be available each day, followed by three more Extra Stages once we reach Floor 100. Make sure to complete each stage to earn lots of Orbs, some new Accessories, and also other goodies!

Furthermore, Daily Quests start today and will last throughout this upcoming week until 18 November. On 14 November, a new series of Tap Battle quests will be available. Illusory Dungeon: Labyrinth of Despair itself will be around until 8 December. Presumably a new Tap Battle will arrive to replace it shortly afterward.

Grand Hero Battle: Julius has also returned to Heroes! This GHB Revival actually began yesterday, but I missed it in the flood of news and images for the new Tempest Trials.

If you missed kicking Julius’s butt before, now’s the time to tackle him into submission. His battle contains a large amount of reinforcements, so be careful! You can also complete a new series of quests for Orbs and another 3★ copy of Julius. Check the in-game Quest screen for further details.

Grand Hero Battle Revival: Julius will be around until 16 November.

Heroes: New Tap Battle – Illusory Dungeon: Heir of Light

Tap Battle has reset for another month, so too has the the rewards! Illusory Dungeon: Heir of Light begins today and lasts until 11th of November at 6:59AM UTC.

Day 1 of the event kicks off with floors 1-40 being available, and 20 floors a day will become available from day 2 onwards, until all 100 floors are unlocked and playable. For every level (5 floors) completed, you will be rewarded with Orbs, various materials, and accessories. Read more

Heroes: Illusory Dungeon: Farewells + Voting Gauntlet Finals!

A new Tap Battle has just arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Flex your fingers and head over to the Events menu to tackle Illusory Dungeon: Farewells.

There have been a few recent Tap Battle changes lately that Heroes players may wish to make use of. Starting with the 2.9 Update, you can now swap sides to have your heroes on the right and enemies coming from the left. Starting with this Tap Battle, you can also earn Accessories as rewards! Nab the first one today by clearing Floors 6~10.

Illusory Dungeon: Farewells will be around for a whopping 33 days, ending on 12 October. Daily Quests start today and will last until 16 September, while a new set of Quests will begin on the 12th.

Additionally, the final round for Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones starts today! Ephraim and Veronica beat out the competition and are now fighting head to head. This final round will last 45 hours, ending on Monday at 3:59am UTC. May the best hero win!