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Cipher S14 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, TCG Fest, Posters, & Pre-Release Guest!

It’s been another exciting week of news and reveals for Series 14 of Fire Emblem Cipher! @fecipher revealed three special R+ cards for Awakening this week. Cordelia and Severa get a super cute joined alternate art joined-art. We also the first cards for Owain, who is shown both as his regular R and alternate art R+.

Owain’s R+ really captures his spirit, especially with his gold text quote:

…I leap into the center of the enemy formation, blade drawn, and spin! I’m no longer a man, but a whirling dervish of death and steel! My showdown with the evil general begins! My sword flashes out, a flickering blur of cold blue steel. Ka-thwack! Schwing! ‘Ha ha ha! I’m impressed, General. No one has blocked that before.’ The general wobbles on unsteady feet and then drops to his knees in shame. ‘Mercy, Owain Dark! Have mercy on me! For I cannot abide another mighty blow!’

Tellius continues the joined-art trend with this three-card panorama for Boyd, Rolf, and Oscar. The artist behind these cards is Mayo, the same artist who drew their first panorama all the way back in S3!

Finally, rounding out the week’s reveals are a few cards for Fates. First up this week was an N and R combo for the Hoshidan Princess Hinoka. The final reveal of the week, however, is an SR card for Leo. This ominous card depicts a future Leo in a post-Birthright world.

Additionally, Cipher will be making an appearance at this year’s TCG Fes! The event is this weekend at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, near Tokyo. There will be stage events, a beginner’s tournament, and some Cipher artbooks will also be available for sale.

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