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Merchandise: Fódlan Tea Break & Tea Collection Releasing in September!

Yes, we realise what date it is today, but it seems Intelligent Systems doesn’t care or wants to take advantage of the confusion.

Fire Emblem is teaming up with LUPICIA, a leading tea specialist, to create Three Houses themed tea party products:

  • Fódlan Tea Break: “Hresvelg Blend” tea leaves and a tea cup and saucer.
  • Fódlan Tea Collection: A set of 30 tea bags with special packaging.

Pre-orders on Intelligent Systems’s online store are open now until 31st May 2022; orders will be shipped sometime in September 2022.

Update: The Fódlan Tea Break & Collection are real, but they have prove extremely popular, so pre-orders are temporarily closed.

Update 2: Pre-orders are open again, but for how long, who can say?

For the occasion, veteran artist Rika Suzuki has created new artworks of male and female Byleth.

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