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Tellius Recollection Recap: Of Princesses and Herons

Last week, we announced the Tellius Recollection translation project, a joint endeavour between Kirokan, MicrowaveIt and myself to translate the brand new Path of Radiance design book.


For those of you with busy schedules or who want a handy reference, here’s a recap of all the new translations and findings since the initial announcement.

To begin with, we have translations of two pages from the first chapter of the book, dubbed “World and Story”.

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Tellius Recollection Vol. 1 Translation In Progress

Fans of the Tellius saga may know that the Tellius Recollection (Volume 1) book was released in Japan during the end of last month.


An official English release for this Path of Radiance-themed book is currently unknown (unlike the upcoming English Awakening artbook), but you don’t have to wait long to enjoy its contents.

That’s because Kirokan and MicrowaveIt, two very hard-working translators from the amazing Fire Emblem fan community, are combining their efforts to translate the book bit by bit. Who knows, maybe I’ll chip in as well!

You can find the current translations and translation requests in this topic. In addition, Kirokan will be posting updates on their website. Meanwhile, MicrowaveIt will be posting in the Fire Emblem subreddit.

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Tellius Recollection Part 1 Out Now + Pre-orders for Part 2

Yesterday, the Path of Radiance art book Tellius Recollection (Part 1) was released in Japan. On the same day, Amazon Japan opened up pre-orders for Tellius Recollection (Part 2), which covers the sequel, Radiant Dawn.


At the moment, there are very few details about the Radiant Dawn book, except that it’s scheduled for release on 28th October 2016 and will retail for 3,456 Yen just like the first book.

As for the first book, Japanese fans have only just started digging in and our own copies haven’t arrived yet, so it’ll probably take a while before all the juicy details start flooding in.

For now, here’s a basic description of the contents of the book according to an Amazon review:

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Path of Radiance “Tellius Recollection” Update

Amazon Japan recently updated the product listing for the Path of Radiance artbook that was announced during the Cipher Series 5 pre-release livestream.


At the moment, the only image available is the front cover, which features a new piece of artwork of Ike by Senri Kita, the official artist for the two Tellius saga games. If you tuned into the Cipher livestream or read up about it, you may recognise it from there.

In addition, the book now has an “official” English name of sorts: Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Memorial Book Tellius Recollection: The First Volume. As hinted previously, the second volume will focus on the sequel, Radiant Dawn.

The text on the cover also informs prospective buyers that the Radiant Dawn edition is expected to release during Autumn 2016, so not long to go!

Here’s what the product description says about the first volume:

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