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Heroes: Upcoming Tempest Trials+ event details, and TT+ banner is live now!

In FE Heroes news, Tempest Trials+: A Waltz Unending will be going live on the 22nd of May 7:00am UTC, where you’ll be able to get 50x Ephemera 5, Even Spd Wave and Spd/Def Bond Seals, and 2 copies of Hinata: Samurai Groom!

Today begins a new Tempest Trials+ banner, which features the OGs of Micaiah, Sothe, and Nailah. If for some reason you want to use your orbs on these units and not their upcoming wedding alts, here is your chance!

The full list of bonus units in the upcoming event are revealed.

Place any one or more of these units in your TT+ team and earn your rewards 40% faster.

Heroes: “Iote’s Return” Tempest Trials Details & Summoning Event

Following the arrival of the special youngsters in Fire Emblem Heroes, there will be a new Tempest Trials+ event “Iote’s Return”.

“Iote’s Return” runs from 21st April to the daily rollover on 1st May 2020 (UTC).

In this event, you can nab Minerva: Princess-Knight as a 4 and 5-star Hero. To learn about her skills, please continue to the end of this article.

Other notable rewards include Divine Code (Ephemera 4) x 50 plus the Sturdy Stance 1 and Spd Tactic 1 (finally!) Sacred Seals.

The Heroes that boost your score include the young versions of Marth, Caeda, Merric, Palla (and her two sisters), Minerva, as well as the regular versions of Marth, Caeda and Minerva.

The first four Heroes can be summoned in the upcoming Special Heroes banner, while young Minerva can be acquired by participating in the event.

If you need a helping hand, there’s currently a summoning event featuring regular Marth, Caeda and Minerva. This will be available until the end of the Tempest Trials+ event.

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Heroes: Tempest Trials banner is live, and the upcoming TT+ will give Spring Bartre and Death Blow Seal!

Today’s FE Heroes news update brings us a Tempest Trials+ banner along with information on bonus units and rewards. On focus for this banner is OG Idunn, OG Bartre, and OG Fae.

Rewards for reaching certain scores of the TT are 50x Ephemeria 3 Divine Codes, Def Feint 1 and Death Blow 1 Seals, and 2x Spring Bartre.

The bonus allies for this TT event are the five upcoming Spring Heroes (Idunn, Est, Narcian, Fir, and Bartre) as well as OG Idunn, OG Bartre, and OG Fae.

Bartre himself is an infantry sword unit. his weapon is Carrot Cudge!+ (14 mt sword, If unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Atk/Def+5 to unit and neutralises unit’s penalties to Atk/Def during combat), along with Smite, Obstruct 3, and Odd Atk Wave 3.

Heroes: Tempest Trials Banner is live!

Today in FE Heroes, we have a few more notifications than normal because of the maintenance that is due to take place at 11:00pm UTC to 4:00am UTC today. First off:

The next Tempest Trials+ will begin on the 8th of February 7:00am UTC, so a new Tempest Trials banner is now active featuring OG Alm, OG Celica, and OG Silque.

The rewards for this upcoming TT+ will be two copies of Silque: Selfless Cleric (cavalry healer) along with three new Sacred Seals: Defiant Spd 1, Even Atk Wave 1, and Close Guard 1.

Due to the aforementioned maintenance that will take place today between 11:00pm UTC to 4:00am UTC, both today’s and tomorrow’s daily BHB revival – as well as their related banners and quests – will be running for today as well as tomorrow, so you don’t have to rush to get both done today. There will be no new daily BHB revival/banner/quests tomorrow as a result.

That will be all for today. Tomorrow’s news will probably feature details of the maintenance that will have taken place by then.