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Heroes: “Mirage Vortex” Tempest Trials+ Coming Soon & TMS#FE Tap Battle

As part of the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore release celebrations, Fire Emblem Heroes will be running a new Tempest Trials+ event, “Mirage Vortex”, between 21st and 31st January 2020 (UTC).

The key rewards are 4 and 5-star copies of Itsuki: Finding a Path, plus the following Sacred Seals: Defiant Def 1, Mirror Stance 1 and Chill Res 1. Until the Tempest Trials+ is over, there will be a 10 day Log-in Bonus as well.

If you want to plan ahead, the Bonus Heroes that will boost your Tempest Trials+ score are: Tsubasa, Mamori, Kiria, Eleanora, Itsuki, Chrom, Caeda and Virion. The first four can be summoned from the upcoming TMS#FE banner.

Otherwise, you could attempt to summon Chrom, Caeda and Virion from the dedicated Tempest Trials banner. That said, we’d be very surprised if you didn’t have a Virion lying around somewhere (unless you sent home all your copies).

Also, just in case you missed it, a new Tap Battle event started yesterday. This one features a new backdrop based on TMS#FE, plus a variety of vocal songs from the game. In addition, you can earn Tsubasa and Kiria themed accessories via the Tap Battle quests.

Heroes: Tempest Trials+ “Mid-fest Digest” Beginning Soon

We have official details for first Tempest Trials+ event of 2020. Mid-fest Digest will begin after the daily rollover on 3rd January 2020 (UTC) and run until the next rollover on 14th January 2020.

This time, Summoners can look forward to obtaining an exclusive 4/5-star Special Hero, Eir: Renewed Life (Red Dagger Flier). In addition, the following Sacred Seals are up for grabs: Swift Sparrow 1, Spd Feint 1 and HP/Def 1.

If you want to prepare, here are the Bonus Heroes that will boost your score. They include the four new Special Heroes arriving on 1st January: New Year’s Alfonse (Duo), Anna, Lethe and Selkie. Plus Eir from the Tempest Trials, Ranulf and the normal versions of Lethe and Selkie.

Don’t have any of those Heroes? No problem, you can grind until you get Eir (which shouldn’t take long, for the 4-star version at least). But if you’re feeling lucky, there’s currently a summoning banner featuring normal Lethe, Selkie and Ranulf.

Heroes: Tempest Trials+ bonus allies banner live, with TT+ coming soon!

Today in Heroes, we see a new banner drop: Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+.

Within this banner is Roy: Young Lion (OG Roy), Cecilia: Etrurian General (OG Cecilia), and Gwendolyn: Adorable Knight. The banner will come to a close on the 22nd of July, 6:59am UTC – the same time that the upcoming Tempest trials+ is set to end.

And on that note, the Tempest Trials+ details have been officially revealed, although this may already be old news to people who read datamines.

Within this TT+, you can pick up 2 x copies of Fiora: Defrosted Illian, an Atk/Res 1 seal, a Steady Stance 1 seal, a Chill Spd 1 seal, as well as the usual haul that comes with a Tempest Trials+ (Orbs, Feathers, Crystals, Sacred Coins, a Blessing, etc.).

The bonus units for the upcoming TT+ are as follows:

It includes the four newest Summer Heroes featured in the Summer Refreshes banner, the reward unit for this TT+, and the three Heroes featured in the TT+ banner mentioned above.