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Heroes: “Doorway to Destiny” Tempest Trials+ Now Live!

As one event ends, another has come to take its place. Starting today in Fire Emblem Heroes, a new Genealogy-themed Tempest Trials+ “Doorway to Destiny” is accessible via the Events section.

Here are the Bonus Heroes again, in case you forgot:

Naturally, the first three are the brand new Heroes from the most recent “Doorway to Destiny” banner. Followed by Ethlyn, who can be obtained from the Tempest Trials itself.

Meanwhile, the next three can be summoned from the dedicated Tempest Trials banner–or perhaps you already summoned them from earlier banners. Finally there’s Jamke from his on-going Grand Hero Battle.

This time, Masked Marth recruits Sigurd’s help to fight a Sigurd from another reality. But Sigurd isn’t alone because Quan and Eldigan–his best friends from his time at the Belhalla military academy–come to join him.

The maps are based on Book II Chapter 7 and Book II Chapter 9, both of which debuted Jugdrali Heroes. Meanwhile the final map is fittingly inspired by Chapter 5 from Genealogy of the Holy War–the original Doorway to Destiny.

(An example of the final battle, based on Lunatic difficulty.)

The event runs until the end of 20th September 2018, so you’ve got 10 days to rack up your score. The score-based rewards are as follows:

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Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Doorway to Destiny Banner & Details + 1st Relay Defense!

The next Tempest Trials event will be coming to Fire Emblem Heroes next week! Prepare for the event by checking out the Tempest Trials+: Doorway to Destiny Banner and also some details in game. Let’s see what we know so far!

The banner contains 5★ focus units for Eldigan, Deirdre, and Sigurd, three important characters from Genealogy of the Holy War. As expected, these threealong with Quan, Lewyn, and Silvia from the newest bannerwill be Bonus Allies for the Tempest Trials.

The other two bonus allies are Jamke, still available in the current GHB, and also Ethlyn. As teased along with the preview trailer, Ethlyn will be the prize unit for this TT. We’ll also get two new Sacred Seals: Blaze Dance and Drive Spd!

Tempest Trials+: Doorway to Destiny begins next week on Tuesday, 11 September.

Additionally, the very first Relay Defense maps are now available today! Build up a strong defensive Brigade and check out these new maps in Special Maps.

Unlike the Rival Domains maps that they replace, this series of Relay Defense maps will be around for two weeks, swapping out on 22 September.

Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named, Tap Battle Quests, & New Arena Tier!

The final event in Feh’s Summer Celebration for Heroes has just begun! Prepare a team to head back into the swirling winds of the tempest to face Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named.

The Festival in Hoshido has been interrupted by a fake Micaiah! This imposter is running around the festival, stuffing her face and causing a ruckus. The festival’s participants aren’t sure how to handle the situation, but thankfully, some old friends show up to help…

Head to the home page within the Events screen for a recap of available Bonus Allies and your current score. This time around, you can choose one of six TT units for your bonus, or Alfonse or Sharena. The boss is Hoshidan Festival Micaiah, and the final map is a new map following the Hoshidan Festival theme, complete with a Dawn Dragon statue.

As usual, you can win a large variety of rewards based on the points you earn, up to a total of 50k. This time around, however, the rewards are a bit different. Instead of Seals, you can get six different repeat TT units! Here are benchmarks for scoring each of them:

  • 4★ Masked Marth: 1,000
  • 4★ Tobin: 3,000
  • 4★ Clive: 6,000
  • 5★ Black Knight: 10,000
  • 4★ Arden: 15,000
  • 5★ Joshua: 20,000

You can also earn a Wind Blessing at 12,500, and several Orbs, Hero Feathers, and other smaller prizes throughout the list. Additionally, play at least three maps every day to earn further rewards with daily quests! You’ll also get more Hero Feathers at the end of the event based on your final rank compared to the other players.

Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named will last for 10 days, fading into the mists on 24 August.

In between grinding out TT+ battles, don’t forget about Tap Battle! The next series of quests went live today, offering Orbs and also two new Accessories: the Flower Hairpin and the Summer Festival Mask.

Furthermore, today is the first Arena Season change since the Version 2.8 Update. This means that the new arena changes have gone into effect, including the brand new Grand Summoner tier! Work your way up to Tier 20 and then beyond to be greeted by this cute King Feh on your home screen, and also snag an additional Orb as a reward.

And speaking of Feh, the rest of her Summer Celebration is also on-going! We still have two more days of daily banners and EXP/SP bonuses. Today’s daily banner contains 5★ focus units for Karel, Nephenee, and Sonya.

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Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named Details!

The final big part of Feh’s Summer Celebration will be coming soon to Fire Emblem Heroes! Today, Heroes released some of the details regarding Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named. This special edition of TT will bring back many old TT allies as prizes once again: Marth, Tobin, Clive, Black Knight, Arden, and Joshua.

Additionally, this Tempest Trials+ features all six of these TT heroes as Bonus Allies! Bring your favourite along, or perhaps recruit a new one to use for bonus points. You can also use either Alfonse or Sharena.

The details page also gives us a bit of insight into the new rewards structure for this TT. Usually these events only give out two hero rewards, not six, so some things are going to be different. For example, it appears as if the Black Knight is replacing a seal at 10,000 points. It’s likely we won’t get any seals as rewards this time around.

Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named starts this Tuesday, 14 August. Like all new TT+ events, it will run for 10 days, ending on 24 August.

Other parts of Feh’s Summer Celebration are still going strong! The 11th daily banner started today featuring 5★ focus units for Caeda, Hinoka, and Minerva. These banners and the EXP/SP bonus will be continuing on throughout most of this week. Yesterday, however, was the final daily map. I hope you’re enjoying your summer with Heroes!