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Heroes: Tempest Trials+: The Holy Guard

A deadly storm is brewing in Fire Emblem Heroes! Build up a strong team to tackle Tempest Trials+: The Holy Guard.

The tempest has struck in the middle of the bridal festival, leaving the Empress of Begnion alone and concerned. Thankfully, her guards show up soon…

This month’s bridal-themed Tempest Trials features the latest Brides and Groom from the Bridal Belongings and Bridal Bloom banners. The final map features a graceful wedding altar, with Groom Pent as the final boss. Check out the bonus allies, map layout, and  boss stats below.

As usual, you can earn a wide variety of prizes in this event, including lots of Orbs! This event’s special unit is Louise: Eternal Devotion. Other rewards also include three Sacred Seals: Spd/Res 1, Brazen Atk/Spd 1, and Renewal 1. Additionally, don’t forget to complete your daily missions!

Tempest Trials+: The Holy Guard will be whirling around the bridal battlefield for ten days, ending on 4 June.

Heroes: Bridal Bloom Banner Rerun + Tempest Trials Info!

The brides just keep coming in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Bridal Bloom Banner Rerun for another shot at bride versions of Tharja, Ninian, and Sanaki.

These brides aren’t just for looking good, either. Heroes has now officially revealed that all three of them will be Bonus Allies in the upcoming Tempest Trials+: The Holy Guard! You can find four more of them in the latest Bridal Belonging Banner. The last bonus ally is Louise: Eternal Devotion, the special reward ally for this TT.

Other rewards this TT+ include three new Sacred Seals: Spd/Res 1, Brazen Atk/Spd 1, and Renewal 1. We’ll also be getting plenty of Orbs too, of course, starting today with the newest Log-In Bonus!

The Bridal Bloom Banner Rerun will be around for a full month, ending on 22 June. Tempest Trials+: The Holy Guard starts this Saturday, 25 May, and will run for ten days, ending on 4 June.

Heroes: Tempest Trials+ “Taste of Spring” Now Active

Summoners, we have a problem! A group of Heroes were enjoying an innocent picnic when a disruptive vortex suddenly appeared. If you want to restore their smiling faces, you’ll have to tame the new Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring.

The maps in this Tempest Trial are pulled from Book I Chapter 11 and Chapter 12. Wow, that was ages ago… You can click here to view the final map (highest difficulty). The boss is Flora and she’s pretty deadly–be careful of her Armor March too!

As well as a bountiful amount of Orbs and other trinkets, you can earn a 4-star and 5-star copy of Leo: Extra Tomatoes (green-tome cavalry), Wind Boost 1, Even Res Wave 1 and Chill Atk 1 Sacred Seals.

To get the rewards quicker, you’ll want to field at least one of the eight Bonus Allies. The top four are from the latest new summoning event, A Season for Picnics, while the last three can be summoned from the Tempest Trials banner.

If you don’t have any of those seven Heroes because you’ve been unlucky or are hoarding your Orbs, you can grind a bit to earn Leo and use him as your Bonus Ally. Leo also has Distant Def 3 (4-star) and Quick Riposte 3 (5-star) in case anyone wants him for lunch.

The Tempest Trials runs for 10 days, ending after the daily rollover on 4th May 2019.

Heroes: Tempest Trials “Taste of Spring” Details, Summoning Focus & Anniversary Tap Battle

Fire Emblem Heroes has announced more details for the next Tempest Trials+ event, “Taste of Spring”, which starts on 24th April 2019.

As we learned earlier, the free 5-star Hero will be Leo: Extra Tomatoes (green-tome cavalry). Meanwhile, the available Sacred Seals include Chill Atk 1 and Wind Boost 1–and also Even Res Wave 1 (thanks to kaz_kirigiri for digging this up!).

The bonus Heroes that grant a score bonus aren’t too surprising. They include the four Heroes from the recent seasonal banner: the picnic versions of Lukas, Genny, Felicia and Flora. Plus Leo from the Tempest Trial. Finally there’s Alm, Faye and Kliff just chilling.

If you’re lacking the last three or want additional copies, there’s a Tempest Trials banner available right now that features them. This is probably the best chance to snag Alm (epic dragonslayer) and/or Faye (Firesweep Bow) after they were removed from shiny new banners.

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