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Three Houses: Studying the thanibomb Leak

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and–now that things are a bit more quiet–I’d like to finally take a deep look at the leaked details for Three Houses shared by Reddit user thanibomb.

Normally we don’t cover rumours or “leaks”, because very often they turn out to be false. However, as the days went by, thanibomb‘s information only grew in credibility. Then with the advent of the latest E3 trailer, it entered “all but confirmed” territory. As such, I think it’s fine for discussion.

Personally, I was skeptical of the leak at first. For one, there was a lot of information and much of it was very detailed. For Nintendo games especially, it’s immensely rare for there to be such a big and detailed leak. Not to mention, this would also be the first major leak for the Fire Emblem series.

Now, there had been leaks in the past, but mainly because of people obtaining the game earlier than planned (either because of broken street dates or by downloading the games from the server). However these only occurred less than a month before release, while thanibomb had somehow gotten this info over two months in advance.

Still, I kept an open mind, particularly because none of the details seemed unreasonable or over the top, like the vampire or pirate “leaks” before the game was properly showcased. Anyway, that’s enough chitchat. Let’s jump straight into the leaks!

Warning: Spoilers ahoy!

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