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The Game Awards: Three Houses Success Stories in Best Strategy Game and Player’s Voice awards!

To sum up things from The Game Awards 2019, not only was a lot announced, but Fire Emblem Three Houses won the Best Strategy Game. Nintendo America is quite proud of this, and many of the people behind the beloved game, such as the voice actors of Dorothea and Claude, have shared their pride in the success.

It’s well deserved, especially since Three Houses also won the Player’s Voice fan-vote award! That’s two rewards for traditional Fire Emblem’s first formal introduction back into a console since Radiant Dawn in 2007. Even if Three Houses wasn’t nominated for Game of the Year, it’s evident that it’s a widely appreciated game. If you haven’t played it yet, let this be what motivates you to pull that trigger and give it a shot.

If you’ve got time to burn during commercials, go look around Twitter at the community celebrating together!

I’d say that Super Smash Bros is practically a Fire Emblem game too, given its representation of many big names in the franchise such as long time fighters Marth and Roy, as well as Ike, Chrom, Lucina and Corrin and the myriad of assist trophies. Therefore, I am happy to see the Super Smash Bros Ultimate brought home the award for Best Fighting Game.

I’m posting this a bit early, so there could be some more Fire Emblem love going on in announcements or trailers, but I’m going to share this now because if you haven’t already seen the news, you deserve to be updated!

The Game Awards: Three Houses leads Player’s Voice at voting close. Watch the ceremony tonight at 8:30p EST

In a three-day long voting challenge that’s akin to a popularity contest (as it should be), The Game Awards’ Player’s Voice voting has concluded, and Three Houses has had an exceptionally high turnout of vote in its favor in its three day bout. This turnout helped smack it by a very noticable margin into the #1 slot, and now that voting has concluded, scored are now being tabulated…

Needless to say, considering that the current margins point heavily in Nintendo’s favor over the three day trial, Fire Emblem Three Houses would have to have a downright catastrophic error for a loss of the Player’s Voice category. This would be a stellar compliment to the possibility of Three Houses winning in its category of Best Strategy Game.

While the Game of the Year category includes the other three finalists in the Player’s Voice Day 3 category, Three Houses is absent from the GoTY ballot. Unfortunate, since we can see just how widely appreciated the game is in the public’s eye.

On the other plus side, other neat bits include the wide range of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s representation in the ceremony, and former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé will be a presenter at The Game Awards tonight, and it’s widely suspected that a new Smash Bros character may be announced for Ultimate’s DLC. I’m going to guess that Fire Emblem won’t see any new representation, but it’s not too late to place your bets!

If you’d like to watch the ceremony, the show starts at 8:30p EST (so in about 5 1/2 hours from now), and can be viewed at TheGameAwards.com on their homepage. Other ways to watch can be found on their Watch page.