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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE hi-def singles digitally re-released!

Update: June 28th, 7:36 AM PT — More details regarding track availability have been added to this article.

As previously announced, Avex has officially re-released seven character theme songs from the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE game, which are available for download now on iTunes, Recochoku, and mora music stores. Fans can enjoy these single tracks as their in-game, original full, or instrumental versions, and in even new high-resolution audio quality from Recochoku or mora!

Note: In a previous report, we mistakenly wrote that these songs would be free to download, but as it turns out, they are in fact paid purchases. We would like to apologize for the misunderstanding regarding this detail.

George Aburai, song producer at Avex, also hopes that any Tokyo Mirage Sessions fans can share their experiences of listening to these newly released versions of the songs online using the hashtags #0627幻影異聞録シングル配信 (TL: TMSJune27thSinglesRelease) and #幻影異聞録はいいぞ (TL: TMSistheBest).

The seven songs and where to download and purchase each of them are as follows:

  • Reincarnation — performed by Kiria (voice: Yoshino Nanjo)
  • Feel — performed by Tsubasa Oribe (voice: Inori Minase)
  • The Labyrinth — performed by Kiria (voice: Yoshino Nanjo)
  • Raindrop Memories — performed by Mamori Minamoto (voice: Kaori Fukuhara)
  • Dream Catcher — performed by Tsubasa Oribe & Eleonora Yumizuru (voices: Inori Minase & Ayane Sakura)
  • Give Me! — performed by Kiria & Tsubasa Oribe (voices: Yoshino Nanjo & Inori Minase)
  • She Is… — performed by Kiria & Tsubasa Oribe (voices: Yoshino Nanjo & Inori Minase)

At this time, there are no plans announced for further distribution of these songs, so anyone who doesn’t use these platforms may have to find another way to listen to these tracks.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, the enhanced version of the game for Nintendo Switch, tells a story about Japanese young adults teaming up with Fire Emblem characters to overcome an evil through music and entertainment. The soundtrack of the game was produced with authentic talent which fans continue to come back to, so this small occasion of officially re-releasing some of the music is sure to keep fans happy until next time.

Heroes: “Mirage Vortex” Tempest Trials+ Coming Soon & TMS#FE Tap Battle

As part of the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore release celebrations, Fire Emblem Heroes will be running a new Tempest Trials+ event, “Mirage Vortex”, between 21st and 31st January 2020 (UTC).

The key rewards are 4 and 5-star copies of Itsuki: Finding a Path, plus the following Sacred Seals: Defiant Def 1, Mirror Stance 1 and Chill Res 1. Until the Tempest Trials+ is over, there will be a 10 day Log-in Bonus as well.

If you want to plan ahead, the Bonus Heroes that will boost your Tempest Trials+ score are: Tsubasa, Mamori, Kiria, Eleanora, Itsuki, Chrom, Caeda and Virion. The first four can be summoned from the upcoming TMS#FE banner.

Otherwise, you could attempt to summon Chrom, Caeda and Virion from the dedicated Tempest Trials banner. That said, we’d be very surprised if you didn’t have a Virion lying around somewhere (unless you sent home all your copies).

Also, just in case you missed it, a new Tap Battle event started yesterday. This one features a new backdrop based on TMS#FE, plus a variety of vocal songs from the game. In addition, you can earn Tsubasa and Kiria themed accessories via the Tap Battle quests.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore: Tips & tricks for your path to stardom

In the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore game for Nintendo Switch, players help a group of aspiring performing artists fend off an otherworldly threat in a fashion signature to the brand of Atlus games, and with the help of Fire Emblem allies like Chrom and Caeda who’ve lost their memories and need a way back home.

Putting it this way, it may be easy to think Tokyo Mirage Sessions would be a confusing game to play, given that it’s conceptually unprecedented. That is not the case: the game in fact does a fairly good job of making sure the player has a strong grasp of its systems in order to enjoy it thoroughly to the very end.

Even with that in mind, we’ve prepared a variety of tips and tricks to help any newcomers catch on to things a bit quicker and hopefully make their time with Encore even better.

We’ll try not to cover too much about the things the game already explains to you, because it already does that well enough. Our little guide here is more for things we think you might like to figure out sooner and get you up to speed on what you should know.
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Tokyo Mirage Sessions makes its debut on Switch, and some words from the devs

The grand moment is upon us! Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is arriving on the scene across the globe as we speak. In fact, some of you may have already begun your career in showbiz!

Photo credit: Video Game Shelf

To mark this occasion, we’re taking the opportunity to look back and remember the insightful messages left behind by some of the key members of the development team of the original Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Wii U, from the pages of the art book for its Special Edition (also known as the Fortissimo Edition). Read on to see what they had to say back when they were wrapping things up on this unique project.

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