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Heroes: New Frontline Phalanx Mode is Live! Comes with 2 Banners and 3 Tickets each!

Today’s FE Heroes update sees the release of the previously teased Frontline Phalanx event.

The new mode was explained as part of the initial reveal as part of the Feh Channel which aired a month ago.

The new mode comes with two banners featuring characters participating in the event.

The first features Tibarnn, Nailah, and Caineghis. The second features Leanne, Sanaki, and Elincia.

As well as the usual free summon every banner has, each of these banners comes with 3x first free summon tickets which you can earn as part of the new Phalanx Fest quests.

Phalanx Fest Quests will reward you for defeating enemies in certain stratums in the Training Tower. As well as the 6 tickets, you can also earn 100 Trait Fruit, giving you the ability to immediately utilise the new Change Traits feature which was also revealed in the most recent Feh Channel.

You can use this new feature to change the assets and flaws of units who were previously locked into a neutral state (e.g., Forma units, Askr trio, GHB/TT reward units) or change the traits of hard to acquire units such as 5-Star exclusives or limited Special Heroes. Trait fruit is intended to be a very limited resource that is acquired slowly over time, so use your fruit wisely. Or don’t.

Heroes: FEH Channel’s second summer edition shows off CYL 4 winners, upcoming GHB, and next Update details of Trait-adjusting and new play mode, Frontline Phalanx

Feh returns with part two of the August edition of Feh Channel.

[The Japanese trailer can be viewed here]

Choose Your Legends Round 4 units are finally debuted. As a reminder, we have winners of each gender Dimitri and Edelgard, as well as runners-up Claude and Lysithea. You’ll notice through the artwork, is that all four units have their design based on their FE Cipher (the FE trading card game) artwork.

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