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Heroes: Update 4.3.0 is now live, with new Compile Combat Manual feature and Refines!

The FE Heroes update has gone live today, bringing with it the features that were already covered in a previous notification post.

To summarise, they include:

  • Compile Combat Manuals,
  • New weapon skills and refines for Gray, Tobin, Jagen, and green tome Olwen (click on “Read more” below for details),
  • Aether Raid’s School structure caps raised to level 7, with more new music in the Concert Hall,
  • Mjolnir Strike’s Dokkalfar structure cap raised to level 4,
  • Travant and Itsuki are available to summon using Grails.

Other miscellaneous features of ver.4.3.0 include:

  • Quest completion counter will no longer include completed Feh Pass quests if you don’t own the Feh Pass,
  • “No Duo Skill Animation” is now something you can turn off or on in the Options menu,
  • Stats of generic foes in Lunatic difficulties and above of future Legandary and Mythic Hero Battles will be increased,
  • Support for colourless tomes has been added, with colourless tome Heroes to be added to the game from here on out. Personally hoping to see Mythic Athos.

Finally for this update, a new premium item is to be released this month: Forma Soul Packs. The pack contains the new Forma Soul item and 60 Orbs for a set price.

You can click on “Read more” below to read up on the features of the Forma Soul.

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Heroes: A Hero Rises 2020 Voting Gauntlet has begun! Winner will be distributed to all players!

Today’s FE Heroes update brings with it the beginning of probably the most important event in Heroes to date, A Hero Rises 2020 Finals Voting Gauntlet, where a copy of the winner will be gifted to every player!

The eight contenders are the top eight of the AHR2020: Mythic Altina, New Year’s Alfonse & Sharena, Mythic Sothis, Legendary Leif, Winter Sothis, Legendary Azura, Legendary Alm, and Edelgard. Also, there is no 1.1x bonus for using the same unit as the army you have joined. So, fight for who you want in your barracks!

The event is already underway and will come to an end on the 5th of March 3:59am UTC. If you’re like me and haven’t felt particularly inspired by Voting Gauntlet events for a while and cared more about the feathers they pump out, maybe these stakes will rekindle that flame.

Also today, there is information on the next version update that lands early March.

The update includes news on the Compile Combat Manual feature, the next batch of Heroes to receive new weapons and/or refines, Aether Raids and Aether Resort updates, additional Heroes added via Heroic Grails, amongst other things. Click on “Read more” below to see what’s coming.

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