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Vestaria Saga II English Release Set for 28th July 2022

The second mainline game in the Vestaria Saga series, The Sacred Sword of Silvanister will be released in English on 28th July 2022.

Last year, an English release was confirmed, but only for “2022”.

Also, not long after the aforementioned news, the original Japanese release was remade and renamed from Vestaria Saga Gaiden to Vestaria Saga II. The English version will be based on the remake.

Vestaria Saga II continues and wraps up Zade’s story from the first Vestaria Saga. Initially intended as a gaiden (side story), it was upgraded to mainline status in lieu of its plot importance and substantial content.

In addition, Vestaria Saga III, which concludes the trilogy, is also in development, although progress has stalled. In the meantime, the team is working on a remake of Vestaria Saga I instead.