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Heroes: Choose Your Legends: Round 3 has begun!

As is tradition, the third installment of the annual Choose Your Legends poll has begun accepting your votes as of today! Click here or on the image below to be taken to the main Choose Your Legends: Round 3 website.

Once a day, for up to 7 days, you may vote for any character from the Fire Emblem franchise. You can vote for 7 different characters, or you can cast 7 votes for one character, it’s completely your choice. You can also vote for characters not even in Heroes yet, so this is a good opportunity for Intelligent Systems to see who we would really like to see put into the game throughout year.

There are certain characters exempt from being voted for:
Ike (Radiant Dawn/FE10), Masked Marth, Hector (Binding Blade/FE6)
CYL R1 winners: Ike (Path of Radiance/FE9), Lyn, Roy, and Lucina
CYL R2 winners: Hector (Blazing Blade/FE7), Ephraim, Celica, and Veronica

CYL Round 3 begins today, closing on the 29th of January, 2:59AM UTC.

Possible error correction of the official English notification. Click “Read more” for more information.

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A Hero Rises: The People Pick a Hero, Live Now!

That’s right! Fire Emblem Heroes recently brought up this event in their most recent Feh Channel stream, but it’s finally live. Just what is the “A Hero Rises” event? It’s a simple voting event, much like the Choose Your Legends rounds we’ve seen before, only the available roster includes only those heroes that Summoners can actually recruit. The prize? A free 5 star hero, sent straight to your barracks! Go vote by clicking Here.

This means that if you can earn them as a reward through a Grand Hero Battle, or simply summon them, they’re ripe for the picking. This of course also means that you cannot vote for Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Veronica, Bruno, Surtr, Laevatein, or Loki.

There will be two rounds: Round 1 will will determine the top four Heroes, who will then become eligible for the second (final) round of voting. You can submit your choice once per day in both the first round and final round. Round 1 is up now, and will be active until February 12 at 7pm. Round 2 will begin on February 15 at 7pm, and will run until 7pm February 19 (all times are PT).


After voting, you’ll be able to download a special mobile-friendly wallpaper of the hero(es) that you vote for, so if you’re interested in some variety for your phone, be sure to download what you can, and perhaps consider sharing for those that want a wallpaper but are voting for other heroes.

The winning Hero will be made available in-game to everyone who clears the story map Xenologue 3: The People’s Hero. This map will be distributed in-game in late February.
Heroes that can be used within a player’s team as of 1/29/2018 are part of this event.

Good luck, Summoners!

Feh Channel Chills Out: What’s Coming to Heroes?

It’s been a pretty exciting buildup to wait for the first Feh Channel livestream of the year, and if you missed it, you missed a lot!

For starters, we’re greeted by our adorable Feh, as we’re introduced to a cake made especially for Feh’s first birthday (January 18) by the Heroes development team. She’s quite excited. Pay close attention to the macarons on top of the cake, as they’re today’s Orbs for news.

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