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Heroes: New Weapon Refinery Update Coming Soon!

The latest news from Fire Emblem Heroes is a hint towards some updates that will be coming in February. As you may recall from the most recent event calendar, Heroes will get a version update next month. One of the things included is a Weapon Refinery Update!

With this update, more unique weapons and weapon enhancements will be available for some heroes. These four characters will all get new, unique weapons:

  • Caeda: Talys’s Heart – Wing Sword
  • Hinoka: Warrior Princess – Hinoka’s Spear
  • Raven: Peerless Fighter – Basilikos
  • Felicia: Maid Mayhem – Felicia’s Plate

Additionally, two other unique weapons will get also get refinery enhancements: Zephiel’s Eckesachs and the Falchion. The Falchion’s gets three different enhancements depending on its wielder. Marth and Alm will both get their own unique Falchions, while Chrom, Lucina, and Masked Marth will share a third version.

We don’t actually know exactly what these weapon upgrades will entail, but we can make some guesses. Both Hinoka’s Spear and Felicia’s Plate are weapons that already exist in Fire Emblem Fates. Similarly, Basilikos is an axe unique to Blazing Sword. Caeda’s Wing Sword is also almost certainly based on the Wing Spear, a preferred weapon for Caeda that was introduced in Shadow Dragon.

This latest Weapon Refinery update should go live with the next version update on 7 February. This gives you plenty of time to start training these units if you’d like to use their new weapons!

Heroes: Version 2.0 Update, Legendary Hero Summoning Event, & New Quests!

The Version 2.0 Update is now live for Fire Emblem Heroes! The game will prompt you to download the update once you load it up. You’ll be prompted to download the update from within your device’s app program and then reload the game to finish the install.

The Version 2.0 Update brings some very big changes to the game. Most notably, the story is now expanded into Book II and we are introduced to our first Legendary Hero: Fjorm: Princess of Ice. We also get a variety of gameplay enhancements such as the Weapon Refinery and other updates. Read on below for more information.

Today also starts the first ever Legendary Hero Summoning Event! This event features 12 popular 5★ focus heroes for you to summon: Ike, Celica, Ayra, Spring!Xander, Bride!Caeda, Fjorm, Hector, Spring!Camilla, Deirdre, Bride!Cordelia, Genny, and Brave!Lyn!

Even better, the base summoning rate for 5★ heroes in this banner is 8%! There are also no off-focus 5★ units available at all. Now is a perfect time to summon some powerful heroes to add to your team, even some limited ones! This special summoning will be available until 4 December at 6:59am UTC.

In celebration of the Version 2.0 Update, Heroes has also started some limited events. A new Log-In Bonus started this morning, as well as a Double EXP & SP event! You’ll be able to earn double EXP and SP from all battles until 5 December at 6:59am UTC.

Additionally, new quests have begun for various parts of the update! Weapon Refinery Quests reward you with Refining Stones and Arena Medals which are used to improve weapons. The Flame Quests and Princess of Ice Quests award Orbs for completing some of the new story chapters under certain conditions. Check out a full listing below.

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Heroes: FEH Channel Covers 1.9, New Units and More!

Feh is back, and with quite a bit of news to enter the holiday season with. She covered quite a bit in her latest Feh Channel update, including new plot events, weapon forging, new character additions of fan favorites, and much much more.

If you were hoping to catch the latest Feh Channel update, but either missed it or just require a re-watch, well check it out!

For starters, Feh shares news about a Choose Your Legends update. They’ll be in the Farfetched Heroes banner, available tonight. We learn about the next bunch of four units earning credit as Choose Your Legends heroes, featuring Dorcas as the clear cut winner;

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